Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blazer Drive DS OST (with scans)

Since I'm a nice girl right now after this arrive straight in Akihabara, Japan last 2 weeks ago along with Mika-nee's stuff. It even has anime flyers. :'D

Theme Song 'Blaze Out' by Psychic Lover

I ripped this straight from my OST CD, soundtrack has 35 Tracks (along with the theme song sang by Psychic Lover), tracknames are in translated (it took me forever) and this has scans (scanned in 150DPI) without any watermarks so you need to credit me or I'll be happily going to rip your mole off in your face. Forgive the audio format though, it's in wma format but I will be happy if someone converts this to mp3. :D

I bought it using my money (yay, unemployment benefits lol) since dad's cheap, my card is wasted and I'm saving up for SakuCon :>

And the very first OST to be uploaded here in our blog! *cheers*

Download Link with scans

Plugging these pictures that I got thanking these Middleman for their good service:

Yes, that Kuroshitsuji you see lol.

'till then, maidoari! *bang*

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