Friday, January 01, 2010

Better plans...

Seemingly enough, I stopped making a FAQ last 2007 so instead I'm planning to make a video walkthrough here in the blog. After seeing Kouli's Ameblo as his walkthrough blog, I decided to make one and my first dummy test will be Xenosaga Episode I: Chikara he no Ishi (Japanese), a sort-of 100% walkthrough with some parts not included.

- All Cutscenes will be skipped.
- Battles except Boss Fights and Optional Bosses will be skipped as well (to fit the 100MB limit here) with the help of the DVD Recorder's Pause Button. Recording Method will be LP but not sure, video outcome will provide once I started up.
- Stupid methods of leveling up DURING Shion solo will be added (I think 3 solo Shion?). There will be one where KOS-MOS joins her in a certain area but I will cover that up as well.
- All E-Mail locations will be covered with the right answers, netting better rewards.
- Mini-Games but maybe after I finish the game.

I may not perform it perfectly but hey, whatever the hell floats my boat!

That'll be my rants for the start of 2010.

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