Monday, August 09, 2010

Shinrabansho Choco Renders

It's been a while since we got some downloads to share for you all but this time it isn't games, music or applications but renders (not the ones I painstakingly do on Photoshop using Lassos or the Pen Tool XD) that an online user taught me on how to get those with a certain application.

The images came from the official site of Shinrabansho Choco, they are the exact size that I got on a png file extension (don't blame me if it's small or not) so I currently waited for the site to finish ZX Factor's Character List to fill up before I uploaded it and here are some examples:

I got everything except on Shingoku no Shou and Ouga Rasen's opening movie (damn that expansion made my head hurt like hell) so as  their mini icons and probably on Mid-August or September they'll be having new characters and openings for Volume 3 (which the product will be released on October 2010).

132MB in full size, organized in a folder so download here (Megaupload). Till then, maidoari!

Update: ZX Factor Vol. 3 Character Images are complete and uploaded.
2/22 Update: Last volume of ZX Factor is complete and uploaded. That concludes ZX Factor!
3/13 Update: ZX Factor Emblems are uploaded for those who want to use it.

Re-uploaded everything here:

The ZX Factor Emblems will be upped separately soon.


PenaltyKillah said...

Thank you =)

From a foreign fan of Shinrabasho

sephygoth said...

Keep on it, fill in the gaps there if you can(there are a ton). I thought about doing a site like this myself, but absolutely entertained by other folks that do.