Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Frontier Aja] Koumajou Densetsu Premium Pack


- Extract the file and play the game. Applocale is required if you set the Game Language to Japanese.

That'll be my rants for today!


Vocroth said...

Part 6 link is empty

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Oh shoot! I completely sorry for not pasting the link for it! Don't worry I still have the file and upload it once I got the other 3 files done.

I'm very sorry!

Luis Felipe Bermudez said...

all files are extracted correctly except 05 Scarlet Tears - SR style - Stage 6.mp3 from part 6.

I tried repairing the .rar but it still gave me the same error. The same happened even after downloading it again. Could you upload this file?

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Hmmm, it could be the files that I uploaded. I'll just have to reupload all over again so please wait.

Luis Felipe Bermudez said...

you don't need to reupload all files again, if you upload the mp3 i can put it in its proper folder and everything will run smoothly

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

All of the files (including the Images and Music) are present in the folder, I didn't modify it and compressed it immediately. When I checked it however, the CRC32 didn't match Part 6.

Or, I'll just upload Part 6 first and see if it's fixed. If not, I can just redo everything. It doesn't take much time ;)

David Florczak said...

Dead links, could you update them please ?