Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Yep, been a while for having a new post here. Mika-nee's laptop died again so sent it to the 5-6 guy on the computer store spite that I'm not feeling well until yesterday but worth to repair it for $175 (painful price but again worth), then installed it with Japanese Language pack that we downloaded using the Windows XP SP1 Home Edition CD on megaupload, worth the effort. \:D/

Now after the Type-Moon/Tokusatsu/Sentai fandoms that we got, Touhou got us after watching Musou Kakyuu (sp?) on YT and it's not that bad then the rest are history (I'm just reading Touhou Doujins for the sake of cuteness). Because of this, yuri fever caught me thus my favorite yuri pairings are MariAri, YukaRei, YuYuka, YuYoumu, RemiSaku (well...for the master-servant relationship) and ReiMari. *waits to get mauled by fanshippers out somewhere*

Speaking of not that bad, I heard Kabuto is dubbed on CN Philippines, the singaporean dubbing is not really that bad (watched it on a streaming site) unlike the shitty US dubbing here in the US (makes you really wish you hit the mute button). I wanna go home just to watch it XDD

Job hunting is really a bitch, I got closed applications 8 times (2 on Staples, Target, Dollar Store, Mudbay, Grocery Outlet, Walgreens and Goodwill Store) so I'm going to try McDonalds and Rite Aid. Wish me luck.

Changed our icon profile! Cheers! :D

'till then, maidoari! *bang*