Sunday, October 26, 2008

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We did this last night before going to sleep, now you people know some of our facts =))

expect Raidou tai Abaddon Vids later 8DD

till then, maidoari *bang*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Damn yes!

At long last after doing something stupid while installing the Quicktime, the Imageready can now open movie files. *girly tears*

What I did was after installing QT successfully, I checked the one that was in the Video setting the Photoshop file or something like that and I did this:

Then I'm planning to get Nozomi doing the "Smile Mankai" and "Kibatte, go!" pose =))

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Chaos Wars - Makaishou Gouen re-revised!+Others...

And again, we re-subbed it. Though there are no splashers were included on this clip and the lines were changed (the first one, actually).

That'll be my rants for today.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

PS2 Onmyou Taisenki Byakko Enbu

For now, these are the only ones are about to be uploaded. The rest are still incomplete and I'm having bad shits on Tai no Fukumaden >_>

The commands are performed in the video so no need to explain...

体 弧月拳舞 (コゲツケンブ)
心 破軍弧影斬 (ハグンコエイザン)
技 怒涛斬魂剣 (ドトウザンコンケン)

Byakko no Kogenta
Tai Kogetsu Kenbu (affects one enemy)
Shin Hagun Ko'eizan (affects all enemies)
Gi Dotou Zankonken (affects one enemy)

体 爆砕牙点穴 (バクサイガテンケツ)
心 邪五行滅衰 (ジャゴギョウメッスイ)
技 裂紙大逆剣 (レッシタイギャクケン)

Byakko no Rangetsu
Tai Bakusaiga Tenketsu (affects one enemy)
Shin Jyagogyou Messui (affects one enemy)
Gi Resshi Taigyakuken (affects all enemies)

心 十六夜欠落 (イザヨイカケオトシ)
技 浄化之産声 (ジョウカノウブゴエ)
体 風神降臨陣 (フウジンコウリンジン)

Hiiragi no Horin
Shin Izayoi Kake Otoshi (affects all enemies)
Gi Jouka no Ubugoe (affects one enemy)
Tai Fuujin Kourinjin (affects all enemies)

That'll be my rants for today.

Friday, October 03, 2008

PS2 Shinki Gensou Spectral Souls II Chain Combo Sample

Neverland Koukokugun side, still plowing on Ikai no Mon while after playing as Shinsei Simba Teigun. I was recording the Shinsei side but shit Reilia cancelled Duelar's Charge Skill thus, breaking the chain...I'm making it 5 people instead of the usual 6 >_>

69 Chain all in all. Even if I swap Hiro's Mashou Rengoku and Rekka Shireizan to the usual Fire+Slice and Attack x2, the result will be 70 chain...still the same but only +1 chain to it...

On the Shinsei Side, I'm still scared tackling the next area. I got creamed flat by Hiro (Mashou Rengoku raped 3 people...) and trying to go for Level 16 on all while upgrading the equipments to 4 or 5 (saving up extra EP for later).

That'll be my rants for today.

California Rolls

Yes, I'm a nutcase on those so let me give you the difference between:


Let's start on Bucks, the first time we ate here with mom it was fascinating, the food, service but I'm going to rate their California Roll:

+ 8pcs on a cute and shiny plate (pa-arbor XD)
+ Their imitation crab melts in your mouth
+ Lots of shaved ginger 8DDD
+ $4.99 so not a problem for an appetizer
- Kinda small to me
- Bento version of this has only 6 of this

Overall, it wasn't bad. Try their famous chicken teriyaki, it comes with a tasty salad and their prices aren't much of a shock. Bucks Teriyaki is located on 10611 SE 240th St, Kent, WA 98031 and their phone number is (253) 850-4040, no delivery sadly so you need to get your phoned order there.

Next is Kings, the service there is very awesome and the waitresses there are always open to accomodate your orders (they're Korean btw...) then the last time I was sickly waiting for the laptop be fixed, they offered me warm hot tea (that was bitter so I dumped a lot of sugar XD)...

+ 8pcs on a seemingly small platter
+ Miso soup included
+ It's big!! :O
+ Bento version has 8 pieces
- $5.99...not bad =))
- Needs more shaved ginger

Overall, this thing filled me. If you want to taste their delicious teriyakis and katsudons, I recommend this restaurant to you as their price is so-so. Kings Teriyaki is located at 25803 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98030 and their phone number is (253)850-3112, same as Bucks' no delivery service.

I suddenly wanted to eat those again...*drools*

till then, maidoari *bang*


Belated Happy Birthday to our Mom! :D

We called her last night btw =))

What the fucking hell has happened to us? Torrenting Grandia 3 Undub Disc 2 and still working on that subbing/game recording stuffs. Moar chores for me also >_>

Bought a new rice cooker since our current one is made of fail and quickly turns the rice into a pile of crap (panis for short...)

Again, my term starts on October 14 and I'm going to call them by tomorrow (I guess...)

till then, maidoari! *bang*