Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some ideas before continuing the walkthrough...

I checked the other 8MB with Xenosaga Episode I that I have which was back then which was already in Elsa with Shion at L14. I didn't noticed that I gained Queen's Kiss very early! So with that Ether Skill, stealing will be pretty easy (steal rate is 100% guarantee?) though Psycho Pocket is the cheapest E.Skill but Jr joins a little late OR Momo's Starwind Costume (found in Cathedral Ship having Momo as on-screen character) has a Deathblow that steals items but the costume is used only once per battle.

Between the three, what did I prefer more? Queen's Kiss. The earlier, the better.

I'm still in grinding session and didn't touched the PS2 for 2 days. Once Tales of Vesperia arrives here, I might put Xenosaga on hold. For the meantime, grinding session continues...

That'll be my rants for today.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Xenosaga Episode I 100% Spoiler-free Walkthrough Part 4 "Extra"

I kept my promise so here it is! So once you got the parcel at the hangar, go back to Shion's Room and pick the second option to roam around some more. Go to the hangar, enter the AGWS Simulator and she gets to battle the huge scrap without her coat! Cool, huh? But sucks though, you only get to see it one time at Woglinde.

If you're farming for EP then go to the Encephalon, always kill the last enemy while the marker is on the Bonus Points. Don't wanna waste a x10 multiplier there...

So for the meantime, I will take my sweet-ass time grinding and resume the walkthrough once I got my desired level.

That'll be my rants for today.

Xenosaga Episode I 100% Spoiler-free Walkthrough Part 3

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Exploring Woglinde while getting the first 11 mails with the correct replies and the Segment Address locations! The first time you tackle the Driller mini-game, you can score an Aquajist S/Med Kit M if YOU CLEARED IT PERFECTLY! Or else, you'll be rewarded with Aquajist for your missed efforts.

The AGWS Simulator is pretty useful to gain a few levels (and hey, you can max out Aquajist S/Med Kit M without even having to buy them and saves your butt from using Medica!), you don't need to boards the AGWS and once you have enough T. Points, set Spell Ray to HI slot and level it to 3 or 4 and the rest goes to the stats. Save Shion's extra E.Points later to her "useful" spell in the later dungeon. Since I'm a crazy ass, I'll level her to 11 so she learns Slot Shoot/Shock Blade (Set HI and Level 3), a good alternate to Inazuma Blow/Lightning Blast. Use your S.Points to extract Blue Ring, Cobalt Ring and Scope (unequip them all first), Set then fill up any blank spots on the Equipment (swap the Scope for the rings).

In the next vid, I will show an "extra" that is only shown during Woglinde and a one-shot must-see! Since SPP chalked up too much space, I'm trying LP for the Extra.

The video is separated in four parts (goddamn you Blogger).

That'll be my rants for today.

Xenosaga Episode I 100% Spoiler-free Walkthrough Part 2

Before using the Mission Key, make sure to remove the Blue and Cobalt Ring from KOS-MOS, you will need to extract them both while going around the Woglinde.

As for the first boss, never attack it while it uses Active Guard or else, just watch what happens. Since it's still a tutorial, I boarded the AGWS for a quick kill.

I have an another idea: instead of showing cutscenes being skipped, I'll just pause the recording and resume. From that way, it saves the disc recording more time. So yeah, I will do that.

Added my previous blog to Spoiler-Free.

That'll be my rants for today.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Xenosaga Episode I 100% Spoiler-Free Walkthrough Part 1

From the start and ends after the AGWS Tutorial Fight. I recorded this in SPP format and converted to .avi with the settings fiddled so it won't exceed 100MB here. Oh, and I won't board NEITHER A SINGLE AGWS during the Woglinde assault (a total pain in the ass to customize and a waste of money to buy the armaments, but for the sake of completion gotta buy 'em all).

The other half of the Simulator will be posted tomorrow so enjoy the first video and comment if there are any questions or problems on the video.

That'll be my rants for today.

Better plans...

Seemingly enough, I stopped making a FAQ last 2007 so instead I'm planning to make a video walkthrough here in the blog. After seeing Kouli's Ameblo as his walkthrough blog, I decided to make one and my first dummy test will be Xenosaga Episode I: Chikara he no Ishi (Japanese), a sort-of 100% walkthrough with some parts not included.

- All Cutscenes will be skipped.
- Battles except Boss Fights and Optional Bosses will be skipped as well (to fit the 100MB limit here) with the help of the DVD Recorder's Pause Button. Recording Method will be LP but not sure, video outcome will provide once I started up.
- Stupid methods of leveling up DURING Shion solo will be added (I think 3 solo Shion?). There will be one where KOS-MOS joins her in a certain area but I will cover that up as well.
- All E-Mail locations will be covered with the right answers, netting better rewards.
- Mini-Games but maybe after I finish the game.

I may not perform it perfectly but hey, whatever the hell floats my boat!

That'll be my rants for the start of 2010.