Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bullshit hetakuso~!

Bullshit internet is acting like a bitch.

Just cleared a second rescue mission on the Worldwide Boards adn we had to rush all the way to the end point.

Checked out the rankings AND THIS IS WHAT WE FOUND!!

Free Image Hosting at

We had to screw the pages since it's too freaking long (along with the connection all fucked up) and hell, we found our goddamn rank.

Still, will try to look up on more dungeons (Silent Chasm in now accessible) and trying to butt in.

And this person never give up looking on something...

Free Image Hosting at
Hey asshole, give it up! The "hentai" label is removed from the category. What more could ya look for!?

Note that in exchange of "hentai", Ninmu (or Mission in JP) is added for rescuing dungeon stuffs on as ranking, in case...

That'll be my rants for today.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stupidity occurs....

me and kai got this stupid difference (like separated at birth thingy), hate us if you wish but this is just based on our senses!!

XS' blasphemous Kevin (L), TxT's lovable Tsuba-chan (R)! XD

see the difference now? good....XD

till then, maidoari!! *bang*

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


XD made a successful rescue on PMD Rescue Boards (butting in was indeed a good plan LOL) awaiting for the Thank-You mail...

just upped some Tales of Rebirth/Xenosaga Episode III battle vids for sheer boredom...XD I thought recording XSIII will short but damn, insane long! First boss fight took us 3 minutes (capping plus shutting the fuck up)...but hell, it's worth!

Xenosaga Episode III Boss Fight 1

Tales of Rebirth Annie Battle

mwahahaha~ till then, maidoari! *bang*

edit: removed "hentai" category for less-perverts XD

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another daily shits...

Meh, boring today so we went out on AC just to run errands/checking our application results then mom told us that there was a toy store past the store but we got on the small snack bar instead (ordered nachos)...still no good on directions...

Got the urge to look at the
Worldwide Rescue Boards but sadly, we can't butt in since partys still weak and still at the start (still registered as kintoki there and then again, will try to butt in)...then going back at webcam battle recording in order to be sent on Youtube/Crunchyroll...

btw, just checked on mybloglog, another wtf searches...

Free Image Hosting at

so as this...

Free Image Hosting at

isn't that goddamn nice...looking for hentai stuffs Kossy futanari!!? FUCKING MADNESS1! D:

till then, maidoari! *bang*

PS: All wtf searches on mybloglog will be put on daily musings section...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Request+WTF rants...

Before I might forgot this mp3 Mika-nee's been requesting:

Hide and the Spread Beavers - Rocket Dive

for the WTF rants...

Gintama is the LOVE!!! Watched this on crunchyroll and we were LOL'ed by their crazy ass parodies/jokes esp. Gintama wanting to have Bankai powers while reading Jump Comics XD, Kariya-san with a Lightsaber and Kato Ken Samba FTW (parody version of Matsu Ken Samba)!! XD XD XD finished watching 1-2, 11-12 (just to see if Ichigo WAS in there and yeah, it's true!! LOL)

will continue watching this anime for insane pleasure and fun (and no, not unlike Ayame who's a masochist...)...

for our import downloading: BMW is done, Suikogaiden V1 is done, SG V2 ish next!

till then, maidoari!!

PS: "A dumpling you've chewed and spitted out isn't a dumpling anymore, ya moron!!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shigi Shigi Uwa? O_O

since may sira ulong naghahanap ng lyrics ng "Shigi Shigi Uwa", eto na para manahimik ka!! D:

Alam nyo yung pag may tinatawag silang halimaw na tatapos kay Shaider e eto yung kinakanta nila, at oo di kami nahihiyang sabihin na kinakanta namin 'to nung bata kami hanggang ngayong matanda na kami...XD

Original Title: Fushigi Songu
Translated: Mysterious Song

Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Shigi-shigi...
Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Shigi-shigi...

Fushigi-shigi Makafushigi Ruwa
Fushigi-shigi Makafushigi Ruwa
Fushigi-girai wa yowamushi komushi Ruwa
(Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Ruwa)
Zuden to tataite keto-keto-ketobashite
(Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Ruwa)
Fukai tanisoko tsukiotose
Fushigi Fushigi Fushigi
Ruwa Ruwa Ruwa

Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Shigi-shigi...
Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Shigi-shigi...

Fushigi-shigi Makafushigi Ruwa
Fushigi-shigi Makafushigi Ruwa
Fushigi-girai wa nakimushi komushi Ruwa
(Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Ruwa)
Tsuite tsunette nage-nage-nagetobashi
(Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Ruwa)
Zuru-zuru-zuru hikizure
Fukai mizuumi hourikome
Fushigi Fushigi Fushigi
Ruwa Ruwa Ruwa

Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Shigi-shigi...
Shigi-shigi Ruwa Shigi-shigi Shigi-shigi...

or check this site:
Shaider Lyrics

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Random shits for a while

Just wanna say...


Last...May 26, yeah...>.>

For the other random shits.

Oh-kay, I have seriously decided that I will make a guide on Narutimate Hero 2 (including Dotou) instead on browsing on some lame-ass US movelist that doesn't have Dotou so screw those fuckers who got the US copy of it!

And holy fuck for the past few years, we got the goddamn files for Battle Moon Wars (3rd Act included)!! Grahh, after screwing those damn search engines and torrents, someone had a DDL link so 56k users can download it w/o having any problems on the torrent sites! I thank you to that guy who shared the links!!

He also had some good games on the PSX (even Suikogaiden! Holy shit must download both of them!!) on ISO format bat more likely, I'll just have to download/burn it and keep it until we get home in the Philippines. Man, I have to download those rare import PSX games!!

For now, we have to finish ALL 7 rar files of Battle Moon Wars then download Suikogaiden next then clearing up some unnecessary junks...

That'll be my random shits for today.

Free Image Hosting at
The hell again? FYI: WE ARE NOT PART OF THE HENTAI COMMUNITY!! THIS BLOG IS HENTAI-FREE! BTW, kung lyrics ng "Shigi shigi" hinahanap nyo, wag na. "Shigi shigi uwa..." paulit-ulit lang yan, eh! meron na at tignan nyo! XD XD

kon: Al-bedo~ here's your two peches waiting to be converted by you......

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Counter-ness and random JE's...

Just added a counter on the end of the page courtesy of Amazing Counters (Lion version....which reminded me of Saber from F/SN XD GAO~) and fix some of the errors here on the blog...

Until yesterday, I'm still listening to Koushicha Irarenai (こうしちゃいられない) by Junichi&JJr. (じゅんいちアンドジャニーズジュニア) , ending theme of Nintama Rantarou and speaking of JJr, they have different Jrs. on each theme songs they sang:

Junichi&JJr. on JP Wiki

山本淳一(元光GENJI) [Yamamoto Junichi of Hikaru Genji]

こうしちゃいられない (Koushicha Irarenai)
大野智(嵐) [Ohno Satsohi from Arashi]
生田斗真(ジャニーズJr.) [Touma Ikuta from Johnny's Jr.]
浜田一男 [Asakura Kazuo from Hikaru Genji]
松本淳一 [Matsumoto Junichi from Musical Academy (MA)]
鎌田淳 [Kaneda Jun] (not sure on this...)
尾身和樹 [Omi Kazuki]
広野慎一郎 [Kouya Shin'ichirou]

0点チャンピオン (0-ten Champion) [Zero Point Champion]
大野智(嵐) [Ohno Satoshi from Arashi]
生田斗真(ジャニーズJr.) [Touma Ikuta from Johnny's Jr.]
鎌田淳 [Kaneda Jun]
尾身和樹 [Omi Kazuki]
広野慎一郎 [Kouya Shin'ichirou]
吉田大地 [Yoshida Daichi]

And as for Touma Ikuta, he appeared on Tensai Terebi-kun on 1996 with Maeda Aki and Eiji Wentz!? O_O There's already NHK airing there but not converted yet on JE fandom (we're still 9 yrs. old for crap's sake! XD) but whadda heck, I wish time goes back...LOL

and Mika-nee requested for Koushicha Irarenai, just click on the link.

anways, that'll be my rants as of now....oh yeah, Naruto: UN2 sucks so STFU!!

till then, maidoari!! *bang*

Monday, June 18, 2007

This calls for drastic measures...+Random Greetings

And I mean it!! The time is NAO!!!

Seriously, I just saw that the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 (or Narutimate Hero 2)boards was flooded in GameFaqs (also in GameSpot I guess?) so I was thinking of making a movelist IN JAPANESE! I don't like suck ass n00bs who ask basic questions like they have zero sense or minus (thank you Retsu/Geki Blue for saying that) in their tiny brains and those faggots even removed Kazehana Dotou! WTF it sucks! So if you were thinking that I'll be making a movelist in the US version, well think again, bub. And the Angou Nyoryoku in Naruto no Jidaku had also changed the combinations. Well, the damn fucking hell they were doing...

I don't care if it's a direct insult to those who had the game already. The dubbing sucks.

Oh, and if they're planning to make a Ultimate Ninja 3 next year, I already covered a movelist last year. Tough luck!

As for my random greetings


Dad went back to Kent yesterday just to fill out a from that should be needed to be submit and I called them just so to greet him a Happy Father's Day to him. Right now, he'll be back at the harbor by 6AM.

Make sure you greeted your dad also (either give him a card, sing his favorite song to him, go out for a walk or anything that will make him happy)! *hugs dad*

That'll be my rants for this day-tebayo! ("Believe it" sucks)

PS: LOL-tebayo! I mean it...

EDIT: The hell some random shit searched something...

Free Image Hosting at

The fuck futanari, hey asshole...Monteh will definitely fucking RISUTTO KATTO you like there's no tomorrow coming...

If you retards are looking for futanari, I suggest you go to Melty Bread Forums, go to Sacchin Toast and search for the topic "I Demand the Toast! (NSFW)"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ひかりのまち by TOKIO

Theme song of the anime version "The Skull Man" (created by Shotaro Ishinomori)...

Anime Version

Full PV

till then, maidoari!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HSM Japan PWNZ Bitch!!

I know this was a fucking long time ago but just sharing for anti-HSMUS fans (like us for instance...)

As the title implies, HSM JP is better than US because, BECAUSE the lead roles there are more recognizable like Koyama Keiichiro and Nami Tamaki!!

Crap-ass Info on KHQ by konreinokaze (aka JE fanfag...XD)

Info on Mika-nee's Blog

and some news regarding on HSM Japan....

NEWS' Koyama: from university to high school!
Mon, March 12, 2007 (3:45am EDT)

Keiichiro Koyama of popular Johnny's group NEWS will star in his first musical this June. The production is based on the hit Disney television movie, "High School Musical." In January, Koyama attended a performance of the musical in Atlanta, Georgia, along with pop star Nami Tamaki, who will co-star with him. After seeing it, he stated that he wanted to make it popular in Japan too. The musical will open on June 12 at the Aoyama Theatre in Tokyo.

It was also reported that Koyama will be graduating from Meiji University this month.

from: Yomuiri

Performance dates are June 12-28 at Aoyama Theatre, then July 5-8 at the NHK Osaka Hall.

source: tokyograph +
NikkanSports + Yomuiri

The cast includes Yuta Yamazaki, Shoo (of S.E.S.), Go Ueki, Yu Hasebe, Yoneko Matsukane, and Kentaro Hayami. It will be directed by Komei Sugano.

source: tokyograph + Oricon

FujiTV Stage: High School Musical Site

and the CM of HSM Japan + HSM JP cast interview

ok i know most of you dont know who are the artists going to play esp. the lead... but prolly most of you would know who Nami Tamaki is for she sang the theme song of Gundam Seed Theme 'Believe' and in Gundam Seed Destiny 'Realize'... with Keiichiro Koyama as said he's part of a famous boy-band in Japan called 'NEWS'.. [big fan of the group so please if you bash him ill bash you all into pieces *evil laughs*] yeah.. he's not only a singer, model but also an actor been into some dramas as well as last year... this will be his first theatre play... their pictures are upped above.. that was during the press con that happened last March 12...

with them i know Shoo cause she's part of a Korean Girl Band called 'S.E.S' which prolly some of you know cause her co-member Eugene whose in the drama 'Save the Last Dance' and 'Wonderful Life' that were aired in ABS-CBS by last year

till then, maidoari!

Holy Fuck! XD

See this clip NAO!!

Lucky Star Clips

ろく★めが もってけ!エネルギー缶を比較してみた

and the orignal one....

らき☆すた OP「もってけ!セーラーふく」

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Clips


and again, the original...


oh, and one more parody for old-school peeps...

till then, maidoari!! *bang*

Disfigured FTW!!

Yeah, seriously and we saw not only one, but two, yes TWO "disfigured" figurines...

Jyashin MOK-KOS (邪神モッコス) and Jyashin Saber (邪神セイバー)

Scary as you people say but a collection to others....and no this is not a bootlegged figurines, this is real though the figurines looked like crap; Jyashin MOK-KOS is from the Limited Edition of Xenosaga Episode II [Zenaku no Higan] (Jenseits von Gut und Bose) and Jyashin Saber on some Akihabara Con....just go look at the links....

*shivers* XD Make a Gilgamesh and they're one happy family...LOL

till then, maidoari!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Stole, I mean got this on Jio-kun's journal:

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Lazy Philosopher.

Where You Lived: Korea.

How You Died: Buried alive.

WTF I was buried alive? XD Ciel-sempai must've cremated me very earlier...LOLOLOL...XD

meh, that'll be all...maidoari~

Saturday, June 09, 2007

CheeennnjjiiI!!+Ongaku Tributes....

ok ladies, changed the banner on what I said: Hadaka Apron Banner!! Shion and KOS-MOS madness (LOL)

as for rants, well, still screwing Xenosaga Episode III, almost at the end...*looks at Wilhelm* you fag, get your dirty hands off on Shion!! XD Some anti-Shion/Kevin pairings will hate (I mean HAET!!) some the scenes they'll see *coughcoughayatouyacough* they want Allen/Shion Pairings *looks at SR* she's happy...XD btw, i'll try to sleep early since mom kinda sees changed the banner link into some nice banner....just go look for it....

that'll be my rants...

till then, maidoari!

edit: ok...just finished the game...crap that made me cry...XD

here's a song tribute to the game, Hoshi wo Mezashite (Reach for the Stars) by NewS...

one more, Sotsugyou ~Sayoanra wa ashita no tame ni~ by Takki and Tsubasa...

till then, maidoari x2! *bang bang*

Thursday, June 07, 2007

White Prayer PV by Alice Nine+Rants

for Mika-nee, here's the PV of White Prayer by Alice Nine...screw those fags who didn't sell the Album there LOL XD

till then, maidoari!

edit: my rants btw...

wao~ We just got the parcel after mom woke us, wai~ sankyuu, we got:

- Odin Sphere (US Version...but has the option to change voices to Japanese so no problem...)
- Fate Premium DVD Vol. 2 (OMGWAO!)
- 2 chopsticks (our own chopsticks at last)
- her pictures...XD gawd!
- and letter also...

and here's the PS2 games I capped using the webcam...

till then, maidoari x2! *bang bang*

Quick greet...

Currently listening to Shine by L'arc~en~ciel
Watching none...
Feeling "Hadaka, hadaka, hadaka and MOAR HADAKA-NESS!!!"

MIKA-NEE!! continue your styro party nao! XD XD GO GO!!


belated to me and kai (jessy)...mwahahahaahah!!

about the "hadaka" part....well, we both decided that the banner will be changed to Shion/KOS-MOS wearing only aprons (called "hadaka apron") check wikipedia on the information about
that in case you peeps dunno...

We swear that we never think H/Yaoi/Yuri/Futanari-moments on Xenosaga as I respect them, the only ones that are H are F/SN, Tsukihime and any other H that is really H!!

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This sucks...

especially when you're learning japanese the dumb-way...XD

Ok, the kana of "Peche" is wrong...I saw the database of Xenosaga Episode III related to Albedo, MOMO and "Peche", it was ペシェ and not ペッシュウ (my bad I know)...and so as the stupid banner I made, that's wrong also...

WTF, might as well edit that crap...>.>

till then...

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Just a crazy quick post of this....XD

kya~ the review was published in K-zone June ish!!! *runs in circles* WAO! with a typo...XD

here's a pic of this thing (thanks to hinatahyuuga for the link)

see? I see Stan~ ufufufufu....

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Currently listening to none
Watching Xenosaga Episode III JP...she's playing it!
Feeling "Hazukashii~"

nyahahaah....I saw
Mika-nee on some clip on youtube...but here's a glimpse on her:

I know the quality sucks but blame on the one who made the video!! I just pin-pointed it incase you're playing "three blind mice"...

J-rock Revo's Line of DOOM!! (LOL) XD

btw, we're not going to AX'07 on Long Beach, CA and don't ask why, we already told this to mom and he happily agreed! We got applied a job on some store just to help mom...

Mika-nee called and she said that she bought some Fate/Stay Night goodies for us! YAY! XD So as Odin Sphere (YAY x2) pic that for us Mika-nee! PIC IT!!! NAO!!!!

5 more days and it's our bday!! w00t!! XD see the new lame-ass banner? I made that but crap I should've removed the big-ass version of Akiha-sama/Saber-chwan...>.> so as my "k-sama works" there....agree? disagree? WTF? Tell me...

that concludes my rant....till then, maidoari!! *bang*