Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ToS Boss Fight Subbed!?

Partially subbed that is but fuck yeah!! First.evar!! \m/

Used the shitty Windows Movie Maker for the subbing craps...if you're pretty sick on what we did on the subbing, there's always the raw one...

Due to kai's cockyness, he let Lloyd get badly fucked up but ass got saved by Kratos and Co.

the shitty blurred text on 1:56 = Saiha Messhoujin [砕破滅衝陣]

Done on Mania mode and party of: Kratos and Lloyd (11), Genius and Collette (9)



might plan to do it on the other games!! 8D

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Siggies ahoy!!

For the past 2 days, I spoil myself by making signatures! wahahaha!!!!

Again, steal this without credit to the user will cause your mole getting ripped out!! 8D

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Kamen Rider Kiva 14

Dogga is about to nail your fucking ass!!

Male Presea Combatir, incoming... Ore no Hissatsu, Dogga Version!!! Nailed = OWNED! Boku, sanjou! Fuck ass gay you are, Basher...

Still Nago is a damn sore loser...Pimptoya is fucking epically made of win!!

That'll be my rants for today!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wake up, Destiny's Play!

Single released in April 23, 2008 with 4 Tracks along with a PV

01 - Destiny's Play
02 -
Destiny's Play (Neo Romanesque Edit)
03 -
Destiny's Play (Kivat-bat the 3rd Additional Edit)
04 -
Destiny's Play (Instrumental Version)


till then, maidoari! *bang*

VP2:S Boss Fight!

Pussies has never been so easy...XDD

First fight with the Ballista Rhino, not much of a threat, Just a quick and insane Break Mode, it's all done.

Party: Alicia (4), Rufus (4), Dylan (3) and Mithra (3)

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fucking gay!!

Another battle boss clip on Tales of Symphonia after Vidall...finger tapping desperations again...

kai's Lloyd (12) while I'm Genius (11) (FTW1!!) spamming Stone Blast on the back, done on Sentou Mania and fuck it's damn hard (Hard Mode gave us a hell back then)

I'm sensing an another deja vu moments again after kicking Barbatos's ass: Low HP ass-kicking moments not only one person but two dammit TWO!!

Finished the damn battle with both us on low hp!! XDD no using of Gumis/Gels ftw!! (for the sake of "Gumis Kirai" on Genius...stupid ToD2 title!!)

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tales of Symphonia Videos

This was our second playthrough since the first play was badly awful and screwed...

2x Grade/EXP, Inherited World Map, Collector/Monster Zukan and +500HP at start and done on Mania Mode

Vidoll Boss

Party: Lloyd (5), Collette (3) and Genis (3) [before "he" appears]

kai controlled "Youhei-san" (lulz, not spoiling for those who is still new to ToS) while I got Lloyd then spamming f+O,O,Majinken and got 43 hits!!

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Green = Color of the shotas?

Well, yeah. Here's what I mean:

Hangyojin Fangire
Hangyojin Fangire. And stop giggling you asshole!





See the color green? It means they're shota!

And for some random shits, I give you VERY MELON!!!!

That'll be my rants for today!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Megaman X4 X Gameplay (Sky Lagoon-Split Mushroom)

This is a recorded gameplay of Megaman X4 from Megaman X Anniversary Collection on the PS2. So far, we stopped after beating Split Mushroom's fungi-ass (suffered too much fuckin' damage on both areas) so the rest will be later. Oh, if you think I'm completing all of the items, well yer wrong, asshole. If I see a special item in that area I'm in right now, I'll take it. No returns on the defeated area!

So here's the order of kicking their asses (by weakness):

Web Spider>Split Mushroom>Cyber Peacock>Storm Owl>Colonel (Intermission Battle)>Magma Dragoon>Frost Walrus>Jet Stingray>Slash Beast

For now, here's the first three clips.

Sky Lagoon

Web Spider, Jungle

Split Mushroom, Bio Laboratory

The three clips had a fucking problem issues with the damn audio but it'll be back.

That'll be my rants for today!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Double Action Climax Form PV

Just the PV Version and not the movie edit sadly...

Pre-post Album Single

PV link here~

till then maidoari! *bang*

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yep, that line came from Kaiketsu Lionmaru (or Lionmaru G, whichever shit it goes) and it's both fucking hilarious and awesome. But, the show contains purely adult humor and any other shit stuffs that ain't appropriate to kiddies nor to've been warned.

And Shishimaru of 2006 is a cheap semi-asshole host and he was the top 1 featured on "The People who deserves to die" wrote by KosuK. And Hikarimaru (the vehicle insated of the horse) is fucking beautiful!!

He was suppose to say the chant "Kaze yo! Hikari yo! Ninpou: Shishi Henge!" but it was too fuck-ass long and he unsheathes the sword instead. The older Lionmaru, he often says it but for shit's sake, the new Shishimaru can't afford memorizing it. Asshole.

All in all, they were the same guys who created Garo. Also a Midnight Tokusatsu Action. Tiger Joe (Tora Jounosuke) is a cold-ass meanie and can cause anyone to piss in their pants if you piss or stare him off enough.

The series is complete and available on CR.

That'll be my rants for today!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tales of Destiny 2 Forneus Battle (2 Parts)

So much for insane button tap desperations XDD

Yes, 2 parts meaning we didn't battled this idiot once but twice...

Tentas FTW!! (oops, wrong description)

All of them are on Level 23 on both vids (since they didn't level up, power of overleveled peeps!!), no items used, done on Hard Mode (Mania wasn't unlockable yet) and first playthrough.

Round 1

Round 2

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, April 14, 2008

What's going on...?

Let's see on Go-onger first...

Oh hey Sousuke, Souji called. He wants his 'Grandmother said this...' back... And also, Jan called. He wants you to join his 'Janguage' subject in his class!

Luke almost called him but too bad he was more of an asshole than Sousuke.

And on Kiva...

Itadakimasu~! Good eats eh, Yuri? Too bad Otoya didn't make it...

And Bron Booster is fucking win! Now Nago was owned, they all tie! Isn't it sad, Nago? You just finally tasted the sour of defeat after that 'feeling great' shit of yours back then!

That'll be my rants for today!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


hell no, I'm not going to sleep yet...

my motivation on translating mangas suddenly went back and I dunno why

for our TotA friend Leslie aka synch on KHQ forums/hyourinume on Tales Forums (though we don't post here much lulz)

one of TotA's Comic Anthology (Vol. 2 to be exact), we translated Yoshida Morohe's Oyasumi Rhapsody manga samples (RAW credits on a member on LJ...forgot the name, sorry!)

and don't even try to steal/rip our translated works >_>; my brain asploded after that friggin' kanjis (doesn't have furiganas)...and if that happens:

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ahhh shit!

just took the abil test and shit this is what I got...

You Are 34% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.

In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tales of Legendia Mimic Bed and Diva Battle

1st run of the game and 3rd consecutive upload for the day!! =D

Never trust comfy beds from hell, done on Hard Mode...

3.08 is our grade! Fuck yeah!! Seems that our recording spot is pretty good lately *marks rug with pentouch*

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tales of Legendia Grangate Battle

1st run of the game...

Due to Moses' stupidity, we get to fight this guy...

this is was the first battle before the Armored (Yoroi) Angler one...

a~nd all Undub games (TotA and VP:S) will be uploaded here so as YT...

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tales of Legendia Yoroi Angler Battle

1st run of the game...

It took us 4 friggin' retries for this shitty fish to be killed on Hard Mode (blame its rush and explode skill >_>;) and the audio was fucked up again just like the Asch Battle but it'll be back to normal on 0:50...

Climax Mode is your bestfriend in ToL World XDD

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Nang dahil sa Sion Figurine (Tagalog Rant)

Ipapakita ko na ang mga nabili namin nun pumunta kami SakuCon sa Washington State and Trade Center noong ika-28 hanggang 30 ng Marso at paalala na ang mga trading figurines ay di mo mamalayan kung ano/sino ang nasa loob ng "mahiwagang kahon ng pigyurin"...

ayan lahat ang napamili namin, yung wala dyan ay ang dalawang espadang kahoy...baka sa susunod na lang ulet XD

ay uu nga pala, kunin nyo yan e yari kayo sa ken...

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, April 07, 2008

Dairantou Sig

My entry for

My deviation

again, steal = rip your mole!! Credit if going to use.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Fuck you, Taisa!!!+Hot stuff

Jade will never ever say 'Can I string you along?' in the game...
For being such an awesome and win! Hell, it even played the theme song of Double Action Rod Form which is also made of pure fucking win!! Oh and even the 'Ore, Sanjou!' made by Abyss Silver at start is also fucking awesome!!

Here's the exact video of it

and for the hot stuff...

*nosebleeds* shit hot stuff!

*sudden faps*

That'll be my rants for today! *faps*