Sunday, February 07, 2010


Shinkenger's over so the torch has been passed to Goseiger. Watch it on Valentine's Day which is suitable for singles like us. XD

Damn, Take-chan used two (yes, TWO!) Rekka Daizantou to slice the shit out of Doukoku. I'm gonna miss Takeru's badassery now...

Week 5 deadlines

Digital Layouts, check.
Critical Paper, check.
History Presentation and Report...what the hell, not even one student sent a thing even on Sunday (which is now). OHLOLUPPLZ!

So that means everyone hates this subject (History of Graphic Designing), no really I also hate this because why the hell would we study this when all we got to do is make something on Photoshop and voila, grade posted. Irony I had this dream a while ago that I was the only student in this subject and do this just to pass the term. Argh, I'm not that desperate to get high grades. D8< Oh well there's Week 6 and 3 more weeks to end this term. For the meantime, Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet!! 8DDD