Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Damn yeah and you thought this blog was frickin' dead? Think again fuckers....

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btw, we got the package from play-asia that we ordered (that's Tales of Destiny Remake and Tales of Rebirth on the PS2) and goddamnit we lurve it both!! *drools* but sorry, pics will be later (you will be owned later)....XD

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edit: you'll be!! I know the quality of the picture sucks..bear with it!!

Tales of Destiny Remake (L) and Tales of Rebirth (R)

And some reviews on this game too as we play through...

Tales of Destiny Remake: all I can say is a major improvement on the original ToD on the PSX. The battle system is ALMBS (Aerial Linear Motion Battle System) which it can now do combo attacks in the air. Instead of having TP, everyone has CC (forgot what it was) which enables them do their skills and also their attack. New addition to the battle is Blast Calibur which once it's full, it will do their Hi-Ougis, causing major oblivion to the opponent. And for the Swordian now have Swordian Device, which you can upgrade stats and others as well. The storyline is the same but different, and also the Emotional Card Chat is also an addition which has skits fully animated. And the Opening Song was 'Yume de Aru Youni' by DEEN. There are also changes for the PS2 so go figure by yourself. Will this be released in the US? I would say never...

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Tales of Rebirth: This one is definitely my favorite. The battle system was TLMBS (Three-Line Motion Battle System) which you can switch different lines and attack enemies. Again, this game uses Force Gauge instead of TP which allows you to assign skils for your directional pad. There is also the Rush Gauge which is their emotional status at times when it increases to full, they will do huge damage but you will also take huge damage as well. And Enhance is a addition, using Enhance points, you can use those to upgrade your weapons and armor for additional effects and protection during battle. Hi-Ougis are also added, but it requires a few conditions before peforming it. The Opening Theme song was 'good night' by Every Little Thing. This was never released in the US.

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