Thursday, February 28, 2008


555 points!! Time to, tuna, or......henshin to Kamen Rider Faiz?

That'll be my rants for today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Potekh! BAOMAN!!!!

Mas maganda kesa sa dati na nakuha nila sa MTV



6 weird things about kaihidou

*is tagged*

1. I like imports more than the US. Unless they have voice changing, that won't be a problem to me. If you think I'm weaboo, fuck off dude. I don't care if I don't understand Japanese that much, the good thing is I'm playing it.

2. I like RPG more than any other genre. The reason why even now I play RPG thanks to Chrono Trigger in SNES now I'm playing "Tales of" series, I finished almost ASSLOADS of RPGs (not counting SNES) from emulators to console to handhelds.

3. I have pictures of NSFW in my Photobucket. Well not that much. Pairs to be exact (I don't have yaoi, just yuri pictures) and even solo pictures as well! *faps*

4. I always turn off the voices in English while playing. I have many reasons why. 'Nuff said.

5. I tend to dislike US games A LOT. And they sucked hard. WTF's the problem on US gaming developments nowadays? Hell, even SMT Persona 3 said that one Persona was removed by many reasons. What? What the hell's wrong with a "p0n0-like" Persona? =\ I don't see "that" looking like a p0n0s...

6. Profit!!!

I tag no one...

That'll be my rants for today.

6 weird things about konrei...

bow...fuck no, got tagged by Kamae...

1. I'm an art geek. Yes, people that's true even if that's cheap and useless (like pencils) I still use them....ohh, that pencil is sharp and purty.

2. Fleece = Love. I dunno why these cute little fluffy socks seduced me to its fluffy-ness XDD but I never ever walk in the house without these and my substitue for my crappy socks.

3. Yami no Matsuei was the first yaoi anime I watched on AXN. *faps Muraki* When I was 14 years old, there was this midnight anime marathon that kept us awake though there was still school, this anime....was smexy (lolwut) and more yaoi fanservice girls! And not to mention the creator of this was a girl (Yoko Matsushita) and that's why all guys there are hawt! *faps more*

4. I never wore a watch on my HS days. Time was never with me so I keep time pass by, day slows when I often look at the watch.

5. I love experimented cooking. No explanation needed and my guinea pigs are my two sisters!! *evil laughs*

6. No comment. *points* 8D

*tags assistant* lolz 8D

till then, maidoari *bang*

Awarded as...

got tagged by Jane

*sniffs* We're so touched giving us an award as a "Fantastic Blogger" (though this blog is "cursed" XDD) but nonetheless, this inspire us to show stuffs, procastinate and rant more to your hearts content.

I tag EVERYONE in my friends list!

till then, maidoari! *bang bang*

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tales of Rebirth - Kronell on 30th Floor

oh the joy~

Kronell again with this time, Veigue and Annie Doll on Hard Mode, Level 91 all 6 members and first playthrough (reloaded our lovable save file~). At the start, we forgot that the 3 were on Manual mode after making a stupid bitching task on Floor 29.

How in the fucking shit did that Annie Doll had a bitching circle so big, our Annie didn't had that!? D:

No Hi-ougis were pulled off after Mao compelled burned shaded those bitches quickly with Bloody Cross Burn Strike an itsy-bitsy spell called Arch Shade (didn't notice that it was Burn Strike so screw that D:).

as seen also on YT and CR...

more vids to be upped later (see how fucking cheap we are on the final boss!), maidoari~ *bang*

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

6k FTW!

whoo-hoo! *prances*

thanks for the 6k hits, still lazy to make a kiriban for it~

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


new signature that I made after experimenting on Photoshop a little bit more, it's Kamen Rider Kiva on his Garuru Form (Garulu is a funny engrish name XD)

and my deviation here

if you plan to use it, please credit me or else I'm going to hunt you down~

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm laughing at their studipidity.

Seriously bullshit, I'm pissed off regarding on the upcoming games.

First off, "Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's a Wonderful World" on the DS. English Title? "The World Ends With You" because "It's a Wonderful World" had a movie on the late 80's and has some goddamn copyright issues so they changed it on what I said before. The title sounds better on those motherfucking emo shits there. Just fucking wow, US. Just fucking wow...

Second, "Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatosk" on th Wii. English Title? "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World" (notice the bold part there). I mean, what fucking hell US?! Can't they pronounce "Ratatosk"? Bunch of stupid idiots! "Ratatosk" sounds hell better than that shit! What's with goddamn "New World", the only world they can travel through is Sylvarant and Tethealla! What the hell they want more? New World shits? My ass! More like "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of Mana" for shitty sakes. Whoo, can't you feel the fucking excitement around you?

Those assholes liked Symphonia more than Abyss. And no US PS2 of Symphonia!! HA! Suck it in, US!!

And I don't give a damn care if it has copyright issues or whatsoever. A Game is a game!!

The moment those assholes bastardized the voices, that's it. No more US games for me to buy/download! They ultimately fail like hell. US are the ultimate failures of gaming development.

That'll be my fucking rants for today! AND SCREW YOU U.S.!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Si Heart...

no not Heart Evangelista nor the heroine of Arcana Hearts, some moe-moe Japanese Chihuahua named Heart-kun that we saw on Youtube and the mail that mika-nee sent to me...

let Heart-kun give you some love on Valentine's Day!!


Japanese News

*nosebleeds* so moe....another source plz...

till then, maidoari! *dies of cuteness*

Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Toki to Yami no Tankentai SP

Anime promotion of the upcoming game on Nintendo DS, credits to Pokesubs for the subbing!! (go there for the download! XDD)

till then, maidoari and happy valentines day! *bang*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Tales of Destiny: DC Clip

Lion's Side fighting w/ Stan, Mary and Rutee, cutscene included before kicking ass...

- Evil Mode
- Level 14 (Lion's starting level)
- Infinte Movement
- Extended Chain
- Single Play
- Float Gravity

till then, maidoari! *bang*

konrei's onigiri...

Spam Onigiri is what I made today for lunch since I'm too friggin' lazy XDD

What I did was:

- leftover rice mixed with vinegar (Datu Puti lulz)
- a little bit of salt
- raw (or cooked) spam cut into dice
- then microwaved it for 30 secs (depends on your micorwave)

When making it to a circle, make sure your hands are wet in order for the rice to stay in the circle. Scoop a small amount of rice to your hands, put the spam then scoop an another for the top then mold it.

There! Hope it tastes good.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tok tok tok! Pasok!

Well not the show in GMA7 but I'm sssoooooo uber happy right now that our parcel arrived...

sorry if the address is censored...

Yep, you guessed it right!

We got:
- the game (of course)
- special soundtrack
- artbook

and a sample art of it (sorry I won't scan it...)

till then, maidoari! *bang* Oh pappie, you're so dere dere XDD

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun at Downtown

Me and sibs went yesterday on Downtown Seattle for the Chinese Festival, it was insanely uber fun esp. the Dragon/Lion Dance on Uwajimaya up to Kinokuniya (but disappointing though we don't have any digicam with us D:) and lookie at the stuffs we got (shots we're taken using the webcam):

not in the pic: Copic Multiliner Pen Set A-2 and Foam W Eraser

These two changers were used on the latest Live-action Tokusatsu Sentai Juuken Sentai Gekiranger (Power Rangers Jungle Fury in the US...eww), Gong Changer was used by Retsu's long-lost brother and Shigeki-user Gou Fukami (Iron Will: Geki Violet) and the Geki Changer were used by the three original triangles (Jan, Retsu and Ran). Me and kai really liked the Gong Changer is because you can actually "gong" it since the gold plate in the middle is actually real metal (chrome) and the Geki Changer was also cool but sadly when I tried it...

It wouldn't fit on me...
Sideway plz

Pictures on the Gong Changer (click on the links):
Gong Changer, Inner, Reverse, Reverse Inner and the bell!

and the Kamen Rider Den-O Figurines (again XDD) are Urataros, Kamen Rider Zeronos Altair Form and Kamen Rider Den-O Rod Form

Magazines are:

Dengeki Gundam February Issue with free GNY-001 Gundam Astrea 1/144 Scale Model (HG Gundam Exia) Conversion Kit [Gundam 00P] which is sadly...I don't have the real Gundam Exia Model Kit, just this Conversion Kit...XDD

Shogakugonensai February 2008 Issue feat. NewS with free Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Yami/Toki no Tankentai Mini Grip Sharp Pen (which we gave it to Mika-nee)...

and for the munch stuffs...

Musumi Ume (Pickled Plum Riceball) and Pocari Sweat...

Musumi Ume is seriously good though the pickled plum was kinda...salty (minus the sauce there, that's the Tartar sauce I bought on Fred Meyers XD) and the Pocari Sweat, *drools* good!!

and then last one, the three of us requested for a Calligraphy Paper and this is what we got:

the guy who did the brushstroke was really awesome (though Calligraphy is also a subject on most Japanese/Chinese/Korean Schools)!! Minus the calendar there (Shojo Beat Calendar) and the cute hearts, on the left: Ryuu (Dragon) and on the right: Tora [Ko] (Tiger) though I'm not a Tiger (Water Dragon here~) and Mika-nee requested for her name to be in Chinese (not in picture) and she had one...

money and expenses isn't valuable unless you're insanely enjoying....srsly!

till then, maidoari and Kong Hei Fat Choi to all!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tarotto Kaado

And the result:

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Basically not that damn lucky...

That'll be my rants for today!

Tarot card result

stole this on Mika-nee's blog

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Star Arcana FTW...XD I guessed it was a Fool but nah and try it if you wish~ :3

and tomorrow, off to downtown Seattle for the Chinese Festival! w00t!!

Till then, maidoari! *bang*

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hare Hare Yukai on 3D!?

Yes, no shit guys. This video came from the PS2 game Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi Limited Edition Fan Disk (along with the goddamn kick-ass Haruhi figurine!!)

You might want to wait for the video to fully finish it. It'll skip while loading and playing it at the same time. And don't be fooled why the hell it's 3:58...maybe the video is in good quality...*shrugs*

If you want nostalgia, here's the original Hare Hare Yukai...

That'll be my rants for today!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fucking madness....

this is what happens if you prefer your child over to your serious gaming...

Tyrone Spellman was found guilty yesterday of beating to death his 17-month-old daughter, cracking her head "like a walnut", after the girl knocked over his Xbox 360during a gaming session.

Spellman, convicted of third-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child, faces up to 47 years in prison.

The jury elected to find him guilty of third-degree and not first-degree murder because they found Spellman acted in rage but without intending to kill the child. Prosecutors had blamed Spellman's obsession with video games as one of the reason's he killed the little girl.

lesson? learn not to take games seriously...

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, February 04, 2008


just made this icons for fun...



so as this siggies~

PNG and my deviation on dA

If you wish to take them, please credit me (konrei-sama/konrei) and not you!

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tales of Destiny 2 Boss Fight!!

Against Vassago on Sentou Hard, pushover since Judas' Air Pressure is your bestfriend here...

so 53.80 is the grade we got unlike the test before recording this (56.80 since we pulled of an Hi-Ougi...grraahhh!!) but what the recording of Barbatos battles since he'll be kicking our asses...

till then, maidoari! *bang*