Thursday, January 29, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Hard Mode Level 1 Boss Fight (1st Batch)

I wasn't able to provide much vids from Abaddon Ou due to some recordings on the TV so for the meantime, I played Portrait of Ruin and this time, Hard Mode Level 1 Cap (on New Game +, obviously). So on this challenge:

- You will get shitbricked A LOT compared on Normal Mode and you won't gain any levels once you chose a Level Cap of your choice. You need to plan and develop strategies in here so it's really not a cakewalk!
- Kyouryoku Waza/Dual Crushes do suck damage in here so it's very useless pulling it off. If you did though, you'll end up doing crappy 1 damage.
- Bosses are now pumped up greatly. Seriously, in a couple of hits = kiss your ass bye-bye. There are some bosses that act like a dumbass like in Normal Mode.

But the good thing is:

- You get to keep your previous stuffs on your last play if you managed to save up some cash or kept some good equipment/stuffs, you'll do fine but you'll end up getting creamed so stock up as much items/purchase any skills as you can.
- If you haven't mastered Jonathan's Skills, do it on Normal Mode instead but make sure you have equipped 2 Master Rings so the process of SP accumulation is faster.
- My recommendations are:

Weapon: Holy Claymore (for those weak against Holy)/Alucard Spear (for non-Holy brutes)/Awakened Vampire Killer (only after slapping Whip's Memory!)/Golden Axe (I really like using that shit so you can disregard this one)
Sub-Weapon/Skills: any Sub-Weapon/Skills you prefer
Armor: Ancient Armor (a must while traversing the area) [This nifty armor deals 10% of your Max HP so if you have 100 HP, you'll be inflicted with 10 all the time regardless of enemy ATK stat], Berserker Mail (always equip this for Boss Fights)
Head: Attica Helmet
Leggings: Samurai Leggings
Accessory 1: Miser Ring (only if you saved enough money, ATK is increased)/Assassin's Cape
Accessory 2: Same as Accessory 1
Dual Crush: Don't bother using them...

Weapon: Tome of Arms 3 or X
Spells: any Spells you prefer but make you have ALL of her Skills (excluding the event skills)
Armor: Dalmatica
Head: Arachne Hennin Holy Veil
Leggings: Succubus Boots
Accessory 1: Sorceress Crest (critically MUST HAVE so casting Sanctuary or any high level spells will be a piece of cake)
Accessory 2: Magus Ring (seriously, equip this or start suffering...)
Dual Crush: Neither this one...

Her equipment focuses mainly on INT so spells can deal more damage.

- As for Wind's Tasks, most of the are achieved (except the first one) but some you have go through a certain area and complete it so it's up to you if you want to complete it or not.
- Always have Jonathan as your main since he has the Ancient Armor while Charlotte doesn't and can get bricked real bad if you have her as main throught the game.
- Trust me, if you beat this challenge, a bigger reward is waiting for you.

So then, let's start!

vs. Dullahan

So I showed a second file here named "DECADE" (and yes, I did work the fucking emblem although it's not directly detailed) and I just re-touched the former JUSTIPHI file to a new profile.

He may be fast on jumping so Thor's Bellow = Pathetic ass.

vs. Behemoth

WTH...Salamander, end of story. If you're using Jonathan, Cross and Holy Claymore gets the job done.

vs. Keremet

Instead of moving the cauldron, have your partner provoke it, stand on the cauldron (not too close) and cast Cocytus like no tomorrow (but time it though...).

vs. Astarte

If you think that 2 Thousand Edges will throw her away, then you're an asshole...

This is where you get to test your switching skills by using Jonathan first. If she casts Temptation, swap to Charlotte and cast Tempest (then quickly backdash evade or jump) then swap back to Jonathan again. The key here is swapping them whenever she casts Temptation so basically she's not that hard to deal with.

So that clears the first batch of Hard Mode. I'll try to pile up some boss fight clips even more.

That'll be my rants for today!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 4 starts

...this is going to be one hell of a shit as I see it now.

I saw my name on the team list (Team A, number 5) and they already try to search some people who wants to be a leader/interviewer/others I forgot but I'll be posting there in-case they need me. Essay, I think this will be a problem especially the one I'm going to paraphrase; it's hard. Image Editing, I haven't had any ideas on my poster sketch yet D:

..then there's this 'favors' that my old man wants me to do and like wtfh why is it that I'm the only one reliable in his favors? I need a payment for that...

I'm going on a blind rage here in the meantime, ignoring those I hurt. Slow progress is slow, I can do it.

One more; TG faggots migrates to KHQ and already doing something (I'm looking at Klaidz, she made a thread for TGs only and I locked it. Stupid Bitch.)

'till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No more 'Freedom of Expression'?

*sadpanda mode*

So I heard the news on GMA that QCSHS suspended 4 students because of the stupid blog post they did, along with construct critcisms again their principal. I saw the student's account on multiply also: - where I got the source upon searching - this multiply account has nothing to do with the 4 suspended students, read it before you rant a comment assfags...

About the controversy; uhh hello guise, the blog entry is out of hand against the school (you can sue it if IT IS THE SCHOOL'S BLOG but this isn't a school blog, an individual's blog.) and it's a freedom of speech to say what people wanted to say so don't take it seriously. DepEd = Dumb assholes (especially trying to petitioning Stock Exchange Lessons...bullshit). Period. Parents, I applaud your happiness.

I am also guilty that I ranted about my school way back on HS/College and never I was caught becuase I choose my words carefully even though I curse.

This is dumbest start of the year ever, srsly. Oh yeah, the Inauguration Speech bored me to death.

'till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!

*waves* :D

I added on the Freebies list the ff:

-Aya Kamiki's single
-Tainaka Sachi's single
-TETRA-FANG's last single
-Melty Blood Ver.B CD No Patch

Tomorrow's the Inaugration Day so I don't care on Obama's speech on TV as long as I'm happy slacking off. LOL

'till then, maidoari! *bang*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Final Battle Good and Best Ending (Major Spoiler Warning)

vs. Dracula and Death (Good Ending, Spoilers obviously)

To see this ending, don't purify Vincent.

Grand Cruz/Grand Cross will probably be your key to this final bout and with some good evading skills on his bullshit second form, I took up too much damage and used GC to avoid some of his attacks. I used Jonathan here along with the Holy Claymore and Berserker Mail (which insanely increases Attack but greatly decreases Defense) and the Offensive Form skill to deal heavy damage on him. You can attack neither Death or Dracula since they both share the same HP so try attacking Dracula behind so that when Death is about maul you while attacking the bloodsucker, unleash GC though don't pull that shit off if he's on the edge of the area, just avoid their attacks and resume. If a bunch of mini-scythes form in a wavy pattern, use GC to clear the rubble and attack so once Dracula releases it, he'll go "WTF where is it?!". Oh, one thing to avoid: when Death turns into a scythe, get the hell outta there before you get creamed REAL bad.

The second form will make you go bullshit against him. If braces himself below, he'll do a tackle so Griffon Wing it but he might do it again the second time so evade it. If he's off-screen, he'll let his wings do the work so call your partner and attack BOTH wings (I mean it). Focus on one too much, the other will shake and OHKO both of your asses so attack them both once the other side knocked back a bit. If he spread his wings, he'll pull off some fireballs so go in between them and STAY IN THERE until he stops doing that crap. Just keep on GC-ing his ass (have Jonathan equip Magus Ring for an easy MP recover) and checkmate!

Best Ending (75% Spoilers)

I'm fed up beating the fucking shit outta him over and over so only cutscenes were if you wanna see this, cure Vincent.

With that, I'm all done with the Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Overall, it was a good game. Searching and beating the hell outta the bosses again and again so as the Partner System mixing and matching on who will be effective against a certain enemy then clearing tasks so as collecting all skills for the both, I had fun big time on this game but sadly, I'm taking a break on the game and resume playing Kuzunoha Raidou tai Abaddon Ou next week.

The end Justi-Φ's the means...

That'll be my rants for today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Nest of Evil (Last Batch)

vs. Fake Trevor, Grant and Sypha

I've been grinding a lot thanks to those shitty trio that I've been facing them back and forth many times...all three have weakness to Slash so either Tempest or Summon Gunman is great but go for the Summon Gunman while Jonathan should go for Alucard's Spear since Golden Axe is practically heavy and has a longer recovery time. Cast FCSG (Full Charge Summon Gunman) to hit either Grant or Trevor once they materialized and unleash Thousand Edge so Trevor gets hit. But be careful on his attacks especially Trevor's Cross (which I got hit by some fucking large cross the hell...) and Grant which he throws his knife while acting like a Spidey rip-off. Ignore Sypha for the meantime which she won't get close to you, just keep on using Jonathan with the Alucard Spear along with the critical skill so both Grant and Trevor will be hit. Once those two are down, hit Sypha behind so you're free from her ranged spells. Sometimes she casts a zombie Trevor so slap it then keep on smacking her with those weapons. Yeah, I used Greatest Five in there so don't even fucking ask...

When all that's done, you get to face the most dumbshittiest boss on Nest of Evil...

vs. Doppelganger

Want a real good laugh to that asshole? Before entering, pool ALL of their equipment (seen in the video but since Charlotte can't pool off her weapon, stick to her Encyclopedia or Blank Book) then switch to Charlotte so from there, the Doppel will clone her instead of Jonathan so once the faker is there, re-equip their stuff again (have Jonathan equip Berserker Mail and Golden Axe for a decent damage and make Thousand Edge as their Kyouryoku Waza), attack a bit then slap Thousand Edge, end of story.

And from that, you get the last Dual Crush skill: Greatest Five. And that concludes Nest of Evil but you can go in there as long as you like for grinding (with the Shaman Ring equipped).

Now, Dracula is the last from the boss list so I'll provide 2 videos from it: Good and Best (Best Ending might be only cutscenes or not, whichever shit I'd go for).

That'll be my rants for today!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comic Launched

Another shameless plugging.

Webcomic launched on DrunkDuck

I have a LOT of reason why we migrate on DD (I said this also on the sketch blog) thus leaving SJ, but we'll keep our account on SJ to rot for the meantime. Don't even ask when we will update the comic as we have lives running IRL.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Brauner and Nest of Evil bosses (1st Batch)

The last 2 on Nest of Evil are giving me a shit...

vs. Brauner (no spoilers)

I had to skip the scenes so no spoilers...the moment he shouts "死の芸術!" (Shi no Geijutsu), he'll either make a bloody "X","=", "<" or ">" so dispose those quickly before one of the minions (either a floating head that causes Stone, 2 huge-ass starfishs look-alike that causes Poison or 2 'I-don't-know-what-the-hell-are-those' from top and bottom that causes Curse) of the portrait comes out. If one of them came out, time it and use the Grand Cross/Grand Cruz Dual Crush so you're free from any status ailments along with damage. If he says "これを芸術!", he'll be inside the painting and float around so don't get too excited whacking the hell outta it, he'll lunge towards you so jump or evade then keep on whacking him and use DC correctly.

After that, you'll be in the throne room and ready to kick his ass once and for all but let's try going for some lil' tasks first...and make sure to get the Speed Up/High Speed spell in the above ceiling to the room before Dracula's lair.

I had to clear ALL of the tasks in this section (Sorceress Crest and Magus Ring is a must for Charlotte!) and did the Task glitch until their Max HP and MP isn't increasing anymore...

vs. Balore

So here we are at Nest of Evil where the bosses came from Dawn of Sorrow (and some were on Symphony of the Night?) and some of them are a bunch of wussies. Like this guy, all he does is do a double punch high and low then an uppercut neither close or a bit to the middle and sometimes he does 'Shoop the Whoop' on his eye so get close to him and whack his face.

vs. Gergoth

What the hell...just slap Thousand Edge and Salamander, end of story. If however, you're completing this task by using Blank Book as Charlotte, have some equipment that increases her attack stat (STR Boost helps!) so she can deal the last blow with a pretty decent damage and check his total HP first before facing him then have Jonathan attack the beast but don't beat him too much, save the remaining for her and start attacking him. The gas he releases are a threat (green, violet and know the ailments) so double jumping is the key to this fight but the green gas has more range so swap to Jonathan and do the Griffon Wing jump.

vs. Zephyr

What can I say to this guy? This ass can Clock Up also (and fucking immune to it) so go double team (use Charlotte) and cast Salamander the moment you stepped in. If he dashes, double jump so that Jonathan attacks him. D-Vega Slash his ass and he's deleted.

vs. Aguni/Agni

Cocytus isn't working in here so Ice Needle is your best bet. If the beast flies up, he'll divebomb to where you are so quickly evade and double jump. Then he shoots fireballs from the ground so cast Full Charge Ice Needle and slap it in his face. Then the moment he does the triple swipe, evade or slide to a safe place. Yeah, I took too much fucking time here I got scared on getting hit >_>

vs. Abaddon

Screw shit Tempest, it's not fucking working anyhow >_>

Go for Stone Circle/Circle Stone (WTFH's with the changes) then call your partner to have extra damage. The locusts he calls aren't much of a threat to you anymore so give him all you got to this dumbass.

The last few bosses are:
- Fake Trevor, Grant and Sypha (Trevor = WTH)
- Doppelganger (Psh, what an ass to face him)
- Dracula and True Dracula (Ahoy for a lengthy fight, both Good and Best will be recorded)

So when that's done, I might record a Level 1 Hard Mode for this. Sisters Mode are a cheap shit so I won't record it...

That'll be my rants for today!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Medusa

vs. Medusa

Annoying stupid snake bitch and her fucking petrification which is easy to evade (just turn back from her >_>;). I had various attemps on beating her and hell, I finally had one! Going underneath her is the best way to provoke her from burrowing her lower body to the ground but make sure you're at least away from it so Charlotte can cast Time Stop/Clock Up without getting hit (along with you also) so once successfully casted, use the Bwaka Knife (once or twice in case it missed) and watch the damage go chip like hell while attacking her with a weapon of your choice. Just don't move and duck down so that she'll do that again so repeat and boom, she's down in the drain.

I have to skip Brauner for the meantime (or maybe I'll try beating the crap out of him first) and go for the Nest of Evil to nab the last Dual Crush skill. Then after it, I need to complete the final tasks first before moving on for the final grinding on Nest of evil is the best the way.

That'll be my rants for today.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Art Blog

Yep, I made one out of blue...for the two of us again.

Sketch Blog of Doom!!

visit liekz nao!! *shameless plugging*

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Werewolf

Sorry, had to upload this one...

vs. Werewolf

Now KoInu-chan (shit, it looks awful if I put a hypen next to 'Ko') is next! This guy is uber fast, your timings will be missed so if he tries to brace himself, let him dash and use Jonathan to do the hyper jump (via Griffon Wing which can't be used by Charlotte also WTFH...) so that he'll do an uppercut. If he grabs a lampost, either jump it or duck it BUT if you duck down you must be at least away from him so that you don't get him if he advances after throwing the damn lamp post. If he howls, beat the wolves that appear behind you and use the Vampire Killer along with the critical skill to make things easier.

3 portraits down, one more to go!

That'll be my rants for today!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Bosses Batch 3

At long fucking last, I managed to get through Dagon again (in an another file) and resumed the game as usual.

vs. Dagon

This water creature is weak against Lightning so Thunder Cross/Holy Lightning will be your bestfriend here. If he starts draining the water quickly jump up and hit him in the noggin with Jonathan's Rider Kick (Charlotte can't do Rider Kick WTH) whether you equip Spiked Boots (located in Nation of Fools) or not. And hell, he just got Rider Kick'd in the ass!

vs. Death (spoilers, obviously...)

Whatever you do, don't skip all of the scenes here or else see your save file kissing your ass bye-bye hehehehe...anyways, his Basic form is suspectible to physical attacks so have Jonathan do the work but if he goes into Mirage (don't ask) form, he's vulnerable to Magic spells so swap to Charlotte of he does. The mini-sickles are pratically annoying in here so take those shit out. His side slash attack is a threat so try to time your evasive manuevers...oh, and make sure if the four holes appeared, have Charlotte act as a bait so once she's caught in the chains, quickly call your partner to break it or else, you're screwed.

vs. Stella and Loretta (mini-spoilers)

2 vs. 2? Now that's what I'm talking about! If you want to witness the Bad Ending, just kill them, end of story. If you want to continue through, equip Charlotte the Sanctuary spell and Stonewall for Jonathan. When the fight starts, find a safe place to have her cast that purification spell then start acting like Kintaros/Dogga taking damage to their Ice attacks especially their combination skill 'Bakuhyou Giri' (deals extreme damage if left undefended) so have a little patience and luck, you'll make it.

vs. Whip's Memory

This asshole deals damage like you've never been dealt before but you can return later if you think he kicks your ass a lot. I used Voulge (Dark-based) and Paper Airplane so what I did is used the Paper Airplane to provoke him for using the Knife sub-weapon all the time then backdash and hit him. Just repeat the method and remember to avoid getting close to him or else he'll whip your ass. Most of his attacks are Light-based so you might consider getting the Holy Mail on Forgotten City or not but it's up to you...and his Grand Cross skill has invinciblity frames so don't bother attacking him. Upon defeating him, the whip's real power has awakened and ready to kick ass!

vs. The Creature

Oh goodie, Riki came along to play with them. So I just had this cheap shit method with the Vampire Killer after casting Dark Rift/Darkness Hole and what the hell, chipping damage ahoy! I can't tell how I did it so keep on casting Dark Rift to render his ranged attacks useless and evade his lightning attacks and his grab skill too.

vs. Mummyman

Use the Advent Card first then once he's stunned, use Dragon Rider Kick Final Vent and scorch his ass completely!

Er, wrong game, sorry.

Ok, Charlotte will be useful here but you will have a choice of either Salamander (purchase at Vincent's Shop for a whopping 200k) or Explosion (a hefty price of 10k) so I had no choice but to go for Salamander. The problem of it is, the casting takes a bit long so if bandage boy uses his Snake Bandage attack, quickly jump to the other side and cast it. Go for fucking Full Charge!! If he calls the cube above, evade it but if it revolves around you, go in the other side. If three large blocks is about to corner you, double jump it and cast it.

Just a few more bosses to go (Nest of Evil included) and I'm all through!

That'll be my rants for today!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Bosses Batch 2

Goddamn fucking video memory card wiped out 2 fucking Dagon boss fight clips that I did last night so I have to do it all over again on the second file then continue kicking Death's ass later >_>

vs. Astarte

There are 2 versions that I did on Astarte: On the top is where Jonathan got charmed on attemps to beat the hell out of her but since I stripped our ALL of Jonathan's equipment, the risk was low but that ass sometimes cancel the chant which is fucking annoying so knock some sense into him by slapping Emerald Swallow/Gale Force on him a couple of times. Once he's stunned, face that bitch and cast Gale Force like there's no tomorrow. Eventually you'll get a mini dialogue between them where Charlotte got pissed off when he tries to kill her but then he apologizes. The bottom is the normal way on beating the bitch out. Normally, 2 Thousand Edges would bring her out of comission but it's a no-no for me...

vs. Legion

That ass is still the same on AoS and on DoS but still a bit dumber. White Fang/Ice Fang will strip off one of his lump of skins then once are all gone, have Jonathan attack it while evading the lasers and the others. Yes, I used the Holy Claymore here which made him totally broken but it was a fast fight somehow...

vs. Stella

Bringing Charlotte here is not a must, Stella will end up evading her magic so let Jonathan do the dirty work. Stella will drop on the ground and performs her Ougi: Reppa (奥義・裂波) so double jump it and quickly pull off Axe Bomber so it does extra damage. If you double jump, she'll pull off Shippuu (疾風) twice so plan ahead where. If you damage her enough, she start provoking you and does Kogetsu (弧月) then she'll place it randomly so try going either in the corner or anywhere where you can evade those freely. Oh, don't get too close to her or else she'll poke you with her rapier.

So that'll be my rants for today!