Monday, December 31, 2007

That's it!! (caps)



*wheezes* that's why she didn't returned my credit card for the past days...she screwed it...fuck her and I wish she'd never go into that motherfucking bingo and play that motherfucking game!! TTTTAAAANNNNGGGGGGGNNNAAAAA MMMOOOOOOOO!!!

The reason I'm saving my fucking money is bec. I have still some unleft payments at my credit card and she added an another payment at my debit card bec. of that fucking bingo...thanks bitch...

I'm ignoring her right now and pretend that she isn't here, she isn't my mom or I never had a mom who is a pain-in-the-ass bitch who thinks money can grow on motherfucking trees...oh yeah, I forgot, you haven't payed what you've borrowed me...*counts* about $160+ so cough up...or pay that additional shit you've made...

Even on the upcoming New Year...I'm still going to ignoring her...

Son of a bitch you gotta fucking kidding me! Part 2

What the fuck!? The videos we're removed! Ohh, c'mon admit it're just a bunch of motherfucking chickens who don't like to admit defeat and wanted to be on the top! Chicken, chicken~!


I feel like a chicken delight *cluck cluck*
Chicken delight *cluck cluck*

That'll be my rants today! And screw you ABS for being a motherfucking wusses! D:

Saturday, December 29, 2007


New Single of L'arc~en~ciel on Jan. 18, 2008, Theme Song of the upcoming game of Capcom's Devil may Cry 4 on the PS3/XBOX360/PC

Drink it Down (Short Version) [credits to Pieces Forum]

Trailer w/ the song

Song Preview

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Friday, December 28, 2007

Random PV for fun...

as the title implies:

Morning Musume - Koi no Dance Site

Natalie Imbruglia - That day...

Kanjani8 - Zukokke Otokomichi

Arashi - Love so Sweet

V6 - Orange

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Liberation or Revolution? Which side are you on?

New Digivice called Digimon Twin L&R (or Left and Right) was released last March 24, 2007 along with the Special Version (image of Z'd Garurumon and Victory Greymon in L and R respectively) and they had a campaign last August called 'Digimon Twin Battle Tankei: Liberation (Kaihou) vs. Revolution (Kakumei)' and those who partcipated gets to have a Member ID depending what Digimon Twin they have and a chance to evolve their Digimons into Z'd Garurumon (Digimon L) or Victory Greymon (Digimon R) and gets to team up and battle with their fellow/rival soldiers of Liberation and Revolution. Then winner gets to have a Gold ID LR Member Card and a Digimon Next manga signed by the Author himself! Now ain't that awesome?

The good thing about Digimon Twin L and R is you can wirelessly (no need for Wi-Fi) make friends, battle and share(!) a huge food with your friend's Digimon! Guess the saying goes 'Share a seat and win a friend', eh?

I looked up on their channel site a while ago and they free wallpaper downloads! Oh, the joy...and the diagram evolution is pretty awesome too.

If you choose Digimon L: You get to breed a Beast-type Digimon (Gaomon or Gabumon) and can evolve to Z'd Garurumon if you participate in the Event.


If you choose Digimon R: You get to breed a Dragon-type Digimon (Agumon or Guilmon) and can evolve to Victory Greymon if you participate in the Event.

That would've been fucking great if we were in Japan. =\

In the US however, Digimon is seriously underrated (they don't sell Digivices here for chrissakes!) but they air Digimon Savers in Jetix (every Friday). Pokemon, on the other hand, sells Pokedex and it's plain retard like hell! I mean, c'mon, all the dickwad does is examine Pokemon and beran-beran like no tomorrow! Duel Masters also became underrated and started to disappear like nothing happened! How I wish Digivices are still sellable in Pampanga!

Anyways, that'll be my rants for today.

Daybreak's Bell by L'Arc~en~Ciel

New Opening theme song on the latest Gundam anime called 'Kidou Senshi Gundam 00' and here's the OP of the anime itself:

and the PV:

Along with the lyrics in Kanji...

ねえ こんな形の出逢いしかなかったの? 悲しいね
あなたに死んでも殺めて欲しくも無い お願い
運命さえ飲み込まれ 沈みそうな海へと

願いよ風に乗って 夜明けの鐘を鳴らせよ
鳥のように My wishes over their airspace
無数の波を超え 明日へ立ち向かうあなたを守りたまえ
My life I trade in for your pain

ねえ 人はどうして繰り返し過ちを重ねてく?
本能で裁き合う 誰のでもない大地で

澄み渡る未来が来たなら 草花も兵器に宿るだろう
My wishes over their airspace
誰か揺り起こして 悪い夢から覚ましてよ
叶うのなら My life I trade in for your pain
どれだけ祈れば 天に届く?

今 朝焼けが海原と私を映す

願いよ風に乗って 夜明けの鐘を鳴らせよ
鳥のように My wishes over their airspace
無数の波を超え 明日へ立ち向かうあなたを守りたまえ
My life I trade in for your pain
振り向かず羽ばたけ この想いを運んであの空を飛んでく

...and in Romaji

nee konna katachi no deai shika nakatta no? kanashii ne
anata ni shindemo ayamete hoshiku mo nai onegai
unmei sae nomikomare shizumisou na umi e to

negai yo kaze ni notte yoake no kane wo narase yo
tori no you ni My wishes over their airspace
musuu no nami wo koe asu e tachimukau anata wo mamoritamae
My life I trade it for your pain
arasoi yo tomare!

nee hito wa doushite kurikaeshi ayamachi wo kasaneteku?
shinka shinai dare ni mo nagareru kono chi ga daikirai
honnou de sabakiau dare no demo nai daichi de

sumiwataru mirai ga kita nara kusabana mo heiki ni yadoru darou
My wishes over their airspace
dareka yuriokoshite warui yume kara samashite yo
kanau no nara My life I trade it for your pain
dore dake inoreba ten ni todoku?

ima asayake ga unabara to watashi wo utsusu

negai yo kaze ni notte yoake no kane wo narase yo
tori no you ni My wishes over their airspace
musuu no nami wo koe asu e tachimukau anata wo mamoritamae
My life I trade it for your pain
furimukazu habatake kono omoi wo hakonde ano sora wo tondeku
mirai wa dare ni mo uchiotosenai

...and in English

Hey, is it that I could only meet you in such a situation? It's sad.
Even should it cost my life, I don't want you to kill. Please...
The destiny is being engulfed deep into the sea

Please, ride on the wind and ring the daybreak's bell
Like a bird, my wishes over their airspace
Cross the countless waves. You are facing the future. Go to protect you now.
My life I trade in for your pain
Stop the fight now!

Hey, why do human beings keep repeating their sins?
I hate this blood that flows in everyone's body without any evolution.
Judging one another with their instincts, in this land that belongs to no one

If a clear future should come, even flowers can reside on the weapons.
My wishes over their airspace
Would someone please wake you up. Wake up from this nightmare now
If my dream should come true, My life I trade in for your pain
How long should I pray until it could reach the sky?

Now the first sunlight shines over the ocean and me

Please, ride on the wind and ring the daybreak's bell
Like a bird, my wishes over their airspace
Cross the countless waves. You are facing the future. Go to protect you now.
My life I trade in for your pain
Fly high without turning back, take this wish with you and fly across the sky
This future won't be brought down by anyone.

That'll my rants for today and enjoy the song!

completely ruined!

gee...thanks dad for ruining my whole sleep after calling assloads of times just to worry mom...and mom, please stop going somewhere as dad is so worried, he's calling here like hell...ok?

christmas here isn't fucking fun at all...just a normal fucking day and stupidity occurs with the company...

now that my fucking sleep is fucking ruined, I'll be trying to kill myself here for a while...

Rants? KHQ's fixed and some secrets with the admin I'll never share to all of you...I need to install Photoshop/Tablet though I don't care what kai's reaction is...she just knows how to slack off...

KHQ Awards...bitch I won as a KHQ Veteran of the Year but not as a the Best Mod. Though the others we're really close...but no cigar...haw haw...and the power of not campaigning wins!! (I didn't campaign seriously...)

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


And we mean it, on G4TV they have an Xmas Special called 'Free Stuff' and yes, they'll be giving away Free Stuffs by going online, look for the code on commercial, enter and hope to win!

Me and my sis are going on until 6PM!! wa-hoo!! Free Stuff bitches!!

till then, maidoari! *bang*

edit: *raises white flag* give up....we lost...oh well DX

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

And I'll sharing this Music Video by K titled "First Christmas"

and the lyrics also...

Oh holy night, my first Christmas
大切な想いだけを伝えよう 僕の言葉で
Oh silent night, my first Christmas
飾りのないその横顔 ずっと見ていたいよ


ひとりで過ごした 去年のイブは
君へとつづく せつなさのmy history
今のままでは 苦しすぎるよ
ほんの少し 勇気が欲しい

Oh holy night, my first Christmas
本当の気持ちだけを伝えたい いとしい君に
この季節が過ぎ去っても きっと変わらないよ

街路樹灯れば 告白のサイン
風に吹かれて 消えそうなmy love story
見慣れた笑顔 それが頼りさ
その瞳を 信じていいの?

…I will give my best love to you
Oh holy night, my first Christmas
大切な想いだけを伝えよう もう迷わない
Oh silent and holy night, my first sweet Christmas
どうか 君に降りつもるように
とどけmy true love…クリスマス

Romaji Lyrics

Oh holy night, my first Christmas
taisetsu na omoi dake wo tsutaeyou boku no kotoba de
Oh silent night, my first Christmas
kazari no nai sono yokogao zutto mite itai yo

suzu no oto ga chikadzuku machi ni
shiroi iki ga hosoku toketeku

hitori de sugoshita kyonen no IBU wa
kimi e to tsudzuku setsunasa no my history
ima no mama dewa kurushisugiru yo
hon no sukoshi yuuki ga hoshii

Oh holy night, my first Christmas
hontou no kimochi dake wo tsutaetai itoshii kimi ni
omoi wa afurete
kono kisetsu ga sugisattemo kitto kawaranai yo

gairoju tomoreba kokuhaku no SAIN
kaze ni fukarete kiesou na my love story
minareta egao sore ga tayori sa
sono hitomi wo shinjite ii no?

...I will give my best love to you
Oh holy night, my first Christmas
taisetsu na omoi dake wo tsutaeyou mou mayowanai
Oh silent and holy night, my first sweet Christmas
douka kimi ni furitsumoru you ni
todoke my true love...

till then, maidoari!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mga kunswelo de bobo namin...

Oo at dahil parang walang buhay ang Pasko't Bagong Taon dito sa estet (sabi ni flor-flor)...eto ang mga listahan namin aka "kunswelo de bobo" namin ika nga...

- 666 Satan Vol. 19 (matatapos na...)
- Valkyrie Profile Vols. 1-2 (pati nga yung unang-una e di ko nakuha D:)
- Melty Blood Vol. 4 (isa pa itong matatapos...)
- Tales of the Abyss Vols. 1-2 (trip lang)
- God of War 2 already got it...
- Cyber Card DS
Black at Blue (ala Kamen Rider/Sentai-feeling namin XD) > ordered thanks mom!!
- Tales of Destiny Director's Cut [Limited Edition] (oo sa Jan. 31 ang labas nya pero first come, first serve...preorder!!) Already preordered!! tralalala~


ABS-CBN's stupidity Part 2!!

Continuation of Willie's stupidity, the color violet started it all (lolz) and it was screwed in the actual show itself (credits on GameOPS for the video):

Sooo.....still technical glitch or your remains of sheer stupidity? *taps*

till then, maidoari! *shoots ABS-CBN*

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Son of a bitch, you gotta be fucking kidding me!

I had to take a break on working for Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2 FAQ and FUCK I GOT THIS!!!

Holy shit...O.O!!!

Anyhow, I'm still halfway working on the FAQ (removing unnecessary shits first before doing it up) since it takes up too long for someone choking himself looking on the Kanji movelists. >_>

That'll be my rants for today.

I love myself...

For now bec. I tried this TotA Character Test and I got...

I'm not that nice, I wield a sharp tongue and sarcasms....though I would've gotten a result of Tear Grants...XD but nah...Ion-sama is fine too!

I force you people to do this NAO!! Go here!!

till then, maidoari! *snuggles Ion-sama*

Friday, December 21, 2007

ABS-CBN you're laughing my ass

linking this to all of you to prove that Wowowee and host Willie Revillame is indeed a piece of shit in the noontime show history. Watch this clip and you'll be the judge:

See? Now me and Kai's thoughts are:

- Why are 0 and .5 are in one "gold coin"? Flipping Clutch manually anybody?
- Marielle you bitch the hell you're whispering at the contestant!?
- Huh? Why's there a cord at the back of the "gold coin"? *scratches head*
- Why would they rehearsed and scripted that shit...oh wait, I know!! PBB is also shitty scripted...ahhhhh~
- Decimal point of 5 is covered to make it 500k instead of 250k!! Wow...isn't this sad?
- Scripted also emotions!? Son of a bitch you've gotta be fucking kidding me...
- Lady Luck will be disappointed at you ABS...D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-E-D!
- "Technical glitch"? Fuck you...the evidence is already there, see?
- Smart-asses on Youtube whoever commented are....idiots!! XDD
- Deserves to be awarded as "Best in 'Technical glitches' Award", congrats!!
- Whoever uploaded're made is sheer WIN!!
- Btw, nice shorts Willie...where didja get it? XDD

*whew* After seeing that, I never watched Wowowee anymore...I lost my respect...seriously...and I feel sad for the viewers esp. the poor people who participates, god and for TFC, just keep you fucking money in your fucking wallets!

till then, maidoari! *shoots ABS-CBN*

Thursday, December 20, 2007

JE's New Singles

New Single released by NewS [Pacific] on 11/7!! *squeals*

Weeek PV

then K8's New Single [It's My Soul]...spandex? (O.o)

It's My Soul PV

till then, maidoari~ *bang*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

kon's random trivia and facts

dahil hindi ako matinong tao, eto para may magawa ako sa kinagisnan ng buhay ko at kinupit ko ito kung saan ko ito kinupit!!


> pangalawa ako sa magkakaptid
> isang minuto ang pagitan namin ng kakambal ko...
> ang unang e-mail address ko ay nung 13 yrs. old ako at hanggang ngayon ay buhay pa rin siya...
> sumunod lang ang dahil kay tita ko na ang gamit ay hotmail at adik kami sa PSX na Valkyrie Profile...
> mag-kakonekta ang bahay namin sa bahay ng kapitbahay namin noon...
> dating hardware ang bahay namin...
> walang magandang bahay na naka-gitna sa bahay namin...gumanda lang siya dahil pinaganda lang ng kung sinong magpaganda!
> gawa sa kahoy ang gate namin...naging bakal siya nung grade 5 kami...
> magka-hiwalay dapat kami nung grade 5 kami ng kakambal nung nag-nervous breakdown ako...
> pinalo ako ni tita ng kutsilyo nung bata ako...
> pinapaluhod kami nung bata kami...
> pinitik ako ng nanay ko ng goma at may pasa ako sa kaliwang bahagi ng katawan ko...
> dati kaming naglalaro sa ulanan nung bata kami ngayon hindi na...
> ang mga papel ko nung grade 1 ay puro mga guhit ni Doc (di ko na maalala)
> na-feature kami nun sa Bata Batuta, kaming tatlo...
> naka punta na kami sa studio ng Bata Batuta dahil kay ate ko at doon namin nakilala ang Writer ng Bb. Bonita at Editor na si Ate Beth (with matching picture pa!)
> takot ako sa kidlat nung bata ako kaya nakatakip ang tenga ko ng mga cotton balls...
> nanay namin ang naglalaro ng NES...saludo~
> ang mga gamit namin nung grade 1 puro mga Power Rangers...
> grade 1 kami na-adik sa Power Rangers, Shaider, Maskman at Bioman...
> una kong ginuhit ay si Power Red...XD di ko ikinahihiya
> natuto kami gumuhit sa magaling naming Papa...
> nag-grade 2 kami sa US...
> ang una kong naka-away ay ang ate ko, binato niya ako ng mga clay pagkatapos naming mag-angalan...
> isang taon kaming nagtagal sa US...
> Laibcomsal Board ang naging una kong Forums na sinalihan...
> Chrono Trigger sa SNES ang pinaka-unang RPG na nilaro namin...
> Kinder 2 ako unang umiyak dahil akala ko di na darating si tita ko sa school para ihatid ang naiwan kong baunan...
> Suikoden 2 ang pinaka-aadikan namin nun sa PSX at dahil na rin kay Luc
> una akong nagka-crush kay J*****...tapos kay "tsinong kalbo"...
> natuto akong manghinuto nung grade 3...salamat tita...
> grade 4 kami tumigil mag-baunan...
> Boomerang 10 ang una naming Tamiya...
> si Ayumi Hamasaki ang unang Japanese Icon na dumating sa buhay ko dahil sa kanta niya sa Thousand Arms...
> Final Fantasy 7 ang unang laro na nakita ko na nag-mura...
> may problema ako sa sikmura kada umaga bago pumasok sa skul...
> Grade 6 ako unang na-late...
> natuto akong mag-mura nung first year dahil sa bading na iyon...
> ang una kong minura ay PI...
> sa Loading Magazine kami nakakita ng mga porn/hentai pics sa section ni Shambala Bolongongo...
> di ako marunong mag-YM/MSN noon...
> nang dahil sa Mario Paint, doon kami natuto mag-hapon...
> naging fan kami ng Ghostfighter nung grade 3...
> una kami naka-pag internet nung grumaduate kami sa grade 6...
> nanay at tatay namin ang "Jemma at Jessy" ng gaming community noon '80s...
> nahiwa ako nun ng blade dahil akala ko ay piraso siya ng bubong...
> kaliwa ang mga paa ko at sintunado akong kumanta...
> grade 6 ako unang nakatulog sa klase...
> naging sobrang tahimik kami nung second year dahil sa napag-bintangan kami nagdadal-dalan ng kapatid ko pero natutulog kami nun...
> akala ko noon na ang ibig sabihin ng "ambot sa imo" e "PI mo!"...hindi pala...
> nagpapanggap ako nun si Anemone/Fuu Hououji ng Mahou Kishin Rayearth nung pinalabas siya sa ABS...
> nagpapanggap ako nun si Power Red/Jason sa Power Rangers nung grade 1 ako...
> ang una naming Halloween Costume sa US ay ang Black/White na Ninja dahil sa Power Rangers...

kweh, dami na siguro nito...DDX till then, maidoari! *bang*

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

disaster.... head still hurts after that rain...

well...result of the appointment? Pending!...bitches...haet D:

Then after mom left us on the Teriyaki Resto, we went to Hollywood Video to rent Tokobots and 'twas fun though logics are needed...DDX so as goodies on Fred Mayers and Valley Harvest...don't ask what are those!

Till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, December 17, 2007


I'll be killing myself here for a while...

Freebies that Mika-nee bought to us...

about the killing part...I'm screwed on those fucking bills I'm paying (already overchanged thanks to "her" for stopping me for paying the bill before going home to Kent...grrr)...I'll be noting myself: I'm not going to listen to "her" for once... stupid bitch...

as for games...ZOMFG got Digimon Savers, Metal Slug Anthology and Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes...

snapz0rz, appointment @ 8AM so I'll be resting my ass...

till then, maidoari~ *bang*

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Omurice Test

Cooked Omurice and this was the result:

We already ate the half of it, capping the other was good though the egg broke off after shoving it out...DX but I changed some of the ingredients (like ham instead of chicken) but it turned out nice anyway. Here's the site where I got the Omurice Recipe:

Omurice Recipe on Nipponia

On to the Tamagoyaki!!

Till then, maidoari! *bang*


This title's going to kick everyone's ass...seriously!!

I'm kinda pre-tty annoyed right now...*taps* but I'm ignoring it...

Changed the banner since the Channel Freaks banner was mysteriously gone...screw Imageshack D: then see the Blog Parts Section? That's Shirou on Fate/Tiger Coliseum and if you want like that one go to this link:

F/TC Blog Parts

As for meal...ufufufu...tried Tamago Kake Gohan, good though it's kinda raw since the egg is raw (duh!) then mixing it with will be on Omurice then Tamagoyaki! I saw this blog bec. of the Tamagoyaki Recipe and it's kinda easy to prepare.

Wokking Mum's Colorful Tamagoyaki

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, December 10, 2007

Missed humors and rants

I just missed looking at mybloglog, look what they search at my blog...

whoo! Then last-last week bought some stuffs like...

DMC 5th Anniversary Collection Front Shot

Side Shot

last copy each of these mangas (TotA Vol.3, Melty Blood Vol.2 and 666 Satan Vol.18)

Our "otaku" box bitches!! Assload of manga, magazines and other stuffs!!

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Sunday, December 09, 2007


just to share this link to all....

Genre: Simulation
Language: Japanese
Region: NTSC
Format: Dvd-Full
Size: 2.6Gb (Part 1-5=47.6MB, Part 6=45.2MB)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

If there are any problems on the link, just leave a comment.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Saturday, December 08, 2007

at last~

connection is fucking back and now....we can download happy!! *skips like a little gurl*

i'm thinking that i'll be making a page for download links...mostly on our megaupload account (not megaerotic you dickwads!!) but cross your fingahs!!

till then, maidoari! *bang*

edit: Yuujou Test removed since the link on the site itself was down...buu!!

edit2: Added "Freebies" section for download junkies like you...used MegaUpload on those...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Randomness ahoy!!

like ZOMGWTF!!

Tales of Symphonia -Ratatosk no Kishi-

Tales of Innocence TGS Special -Kyou wa TGS jyanai ka!- (Character Intro)

then another ZOMGWTF Melty Blood: Actress Again (yes "Again" is damn included)

Riesbyfe Stridberg and Michael Roa Valdamjong are the 2 new peeps on MB:AA but...Riesbyfe? We thought it was "Reez Baife" (our call IMO)...dangit Kinoko...D: the style system is somewhat close to Last Blade's Power/Speed (while MB:AA has Full Moon/Crescent) but whaddaheck let's just wait for the real deal to blow up here...on Spring 2008...*counts*

on some random shits...

Addiction on TotA is nearly over 9000 (promotor ng Tear Aisuki Club kung saan man....)!! XD Temporary sections is now permanent (for good...) and fixed that bitching laptop that was fucking busted on Sand Point...

till then, maidoari *bang* and home sweet home!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

just a quick post

just to notify you people that we're still alive!!

waiting for our flight here back at home (Kent, WA)

so see you back at Kent, WA!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


before I lose myself here...

MBAC Ver.B 1.03
MBAC Ver.B 1.03a (New)

edit: link is dead, check for the freebies section for the mirror downloads of the patches....

Changes that they made on V1.03a (thanks to Aya Reiko of BL-tan for the loose translation)

■Problems with using Hisui & Kohaku in Dummy Replay has been fixed.
■Problems with the cases where the BGM was looping incorrectly has been fixed.
■Problems with Replay Data recorded from previous versions not playing back normally was fixed.
■Various modifications have been made and minor errors have been fixed.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Monday, September 10, 2007

Before the Schedule outage starts later on...

I'll be posting away~

Let's hope mom will not whack me for buying weird stuffs again...XD

That's "Alaskan Huntersticks with Reindeer Meat", yep that's the one you saw on my pic...I'll be tasting it later...XD Mom said to me "Di mo kaya malasahan si Rudolph?" XD XD

for the parcel that was missent last week XD

I dunno why did they labeled it "Aleutan China" since it was the right address? =\

Grace its beauty! XD Yes, I already opened the tablet though I'm lazy capping the whole stuff out of the box...XD


Sept.9 was Len/Ren's (including Shiroi/White) birthday...look on your MBAC Ver.B now to see!! Or if not...

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My parcel was sent.....

sa Chinese/Korean resto na kinakainan namin na malapit sa store na tinatrabahuan namin! XD

Tumawag kasi yung asawa ng may-ari at may sinabi na may dumating daw na kahon na di naman sa kanila (sinabi nila na parang computer at ayun, naisip-isip ko na dun napadpad ang inorder kong tablet sa kanila! Dx) at ayun sinabi ng nanay ko e kukunin rin namin kasi may trabaho kami...

Ayun nakuha ko rin!! XD

Ewan ko kung baket dun napadpad yun kung tama naman ang inaddress ko (tinanong ko pa sa nanay ko yung address namin...)... *sweatdrops* well, ok lang basta nakuha ko na siyaaaa!! *jumps*

Grabe, anghang ng peking duck nila...X3

till then, maidoari! *bang*

PS: Monnntteeee, cosplay mo si Kurosagi (dahil mahal mo rin naman si Papa Pi lolz) at piktyuran mo siya para sa meeennnn!! *squeals*

PS2: Jho, wag ka nang mag-alala sa Tsubasa Singol mo, ako na ang bahala at pina-aalam ko na siya kay Ma at umareglado siya! No need to pay me, yung pangbayad mo sa ken e pmabayad mo na lang sa "Bibliya" namin pati na sa 666 Satan Manga namin...X3

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Visitors, thanks for visting (lurking/stalking/spamming etc) this blog~ X3

till then, maidoari!! *bang*

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Channel Freaks FTW!!

lolz, I made that thing by cropping the cover of the Ch.17 of Melty Blood then grunging I know! D:

mmm, by looking at that ass cover..that kinda reminded me of...

yeah, me and my stupid brain XD

till then, maidoari! *bang*

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Look Ma....

No hands! Doggie done it!!

Chibi Pepsi!! anime! Ore, Sanjyou!!

Tear's facepalming me....Maaaaa!!!!

don't mind that the title, just some random shits we made again for fun...

Tomorrow's Labor Day here on the US (Sept. 3)...sadly, my mom can't take a day-off since her workplace doesn't know the word "Holiday"... Dx

Currently going to Fighting for One Piece...fufufu...btw just made a "yuujou" test to all of you, 20 Questions all-in-all, not hard at all...X3

Till then, maidoari! *bang*

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Mika-nee upped the scans for us!! *hugs*....

Here are rules incase you're going stupid:

1.NO HOTLINKING!! Doing this will be bitchslapped by yours truly.
2.Do not distribute these pictures and links without my permission...then again more bitchslapping happens if occurs.
3.Can be used for personal photo-manipulation no need to credit
4.The only person who is exempted to the picture rules is my sister Mika-nee, since she was the one who scanned this for us, go thank her!

Time to show these off bitches!

Scans are: Sho Gakuen October and November Issue, Comp Selections Magazine Vol.2 and Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua scans...

Sho Gakuen October-Novmeber2006 (200 DPI)

October Issue: Kamenzashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN aka Curly-Hairy Kame (LOL XD)

November Issue: Yamashita Tomohisa of NewS aka YamaP!! *faps*

Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Premium Book (150 DPI)

Front Cover

Group Pictures

Saber's Gallery of Doom! (lulz)

Comp Selections Magazine Vol.2 (150 DPI)

Front Cover

Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Images

Tobidase! Toraburu Hanafuda PSP (along upon purchasing the Extra Edition)

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (I thought it was Atraxia, my ass D:)

History of Fate

Hope you enjoy those scans my big sis upped, again, no hotlinking/stealing/even declaring that those scans are damn yours or else get yourself bitchslapped by yours truly!