Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Month woes...

Long time no post here, been busy from schools, job huntings and finals. New gigs and shits have been appearing lately in the Philippines so I'm just going to give some good comments about them.

Automated voting: looks good but the machines are piece of shit spite they're manufactured from fracking China so constant batshits and crashing are the main problem during the test and during the real election voting. So if you're thinking the machine broke while waiting like hell in the line: it sucks, right?

Noynoy: If you're one of the 12 million voters who voted for him as President, congratulations as you're a pathetic, dumb ass voter for giving hope on him as he'll just ruin the Philippines even more like right now he's going to add two more years of hell on our education system. Good job you goddamned voters. Good.Fucking.Job. Now I see how the future teenagers (aka stupid assholes) are going to vote next time (go blame the music video now that the stations been playing on your brain, lessay on ABS-CBN?).

Jejemons: This pisses me the most, why bother studying English in school when you brainless and uneducated posing morons ruin the goddamn grammar even more!? You're wasting a good damn grammar space with those worthless, unreadable texts that makes one's brain asplode which is not funny when even they say it in public. I'd fucking punch them in the face if I ever encounter one of those disgusting species in the Philippines. Pity my cousin is now one of these idiotic fads and the reason she failed English (thus repeated) so as mom hates these people also. Yay!

Now that I let my steam off on those topics, I'll be finishing my finals now. Don't get mad at this post, I'm just stating my real feelings about them :3

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