Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Currently listening to Kinjirareta Asobi by Ali Project
Current mood: insanely pissed off!!

the way things run in our family, i dunno if i can trust my dad or mom anymore bec. of what they are doing to the situation they're holding right now....i'd rather stick my ass in the middle and trust no one....

bah....staying with my aunt in moreno valley was insanely fun!! my cousin dianne went shopping with us for sightseeing the moreno valley, me and sis bought SSV SNK BEST for $49.99 (plus tax....dammit kala ko walang tax dito sa US, meron pla...)...we stayed there for three days after my cousin eric's graduation in san diego...back in moreno vally event, we also slept there not to mention Roxy dammit, whose sleeping near my legs (bec. i'm sleeping in the futon!!!XD) then every morning, she (Roxy) is licking my face or my tickles!! XDanother one....

my elder sis is sulking in the corner badly after our mum says that she should cancel her HYDE concert in SF, man she's taking this seriously but i dunno if this will be cancelled or not....only god knows....but hey we'll plan on something just be in there!!

random babbles
- one more day and VP:Silmeria will be released!! whee~
- no poking on my cellphone you sunuva bets!!
- putcha kelangan kong magtrabaho para may pera ako!! ayokong umasa pa sa iba~

till then, ja mata!

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