Monday, June 05, 2006

Ikamamatay ko ang pagkabagot!!

Pota yan khit na nasa US ako o sa 'Pinas, binabagot ako....shet na yan!! XD XD well, lumabas kmi ng parents ko just to buy blank cds then me and my sis also bought Star Ocean: Till the End of time (Director's Cut)....ang kaisa-isang original na bala sa PS2, galing no? lolz..pirata kc ang mga bala sa PS2 eh, mura naman!!

oh yeah, my bday is on Tuesday, June 6, 2006.....which you morons refer as a bad day or omen but what-the-hell-whatever, it's still my damn bday...morons....*gets a giant fork*

my baka-nee said that tta called but sadly i was knocked out at that time, she called because she miss us so badly...she said that classes already started on Monday, my cousin Judee whose a 4th year student and Clarize a first year student went to class...what i heard is that the 4th year class is now only 3 sections (WTF!!? then i thought i was more worse than our batch..) and the class is now on the elementary level (another WTF, what'll happen to the damn classrooms that was left behind? trash dumpage? son of a hell!) and some the old teacher resigned already which means new teachers will come there...the new nutcase director sure is a total jackass...asshole!

i'm watching Fate/Stay Night ep 2, Gokusen via youtube....

till then, ja mata!!

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