Monday, September 04, 2006

Ho! (Shit) Summer....

Listening to Tri-angle by DBSK w/ BoA and The Trax
I'm feeling freakishly crapped out!!

I got this quiz from
ronald and damn (and a hell), i'm insanely (fucking), extremely brilliant!! XD *evil laugh ensues*

Testriffic IQ test

may sayad utak ko kaya nasagot ko to at cguro mas masahol pa to cguro sa exam ko sa skul....gahhahahhha...XD

Poketto News!

Surpising piccies that I up recently, we got this when Kinokuniya got a "yard sale" during Tofu Festival here in Little Tokyo, all magazines were only $1, w00t!!! We only got Coro Coro Comics 5th Isuue (with Pokemon Manga/Poster) and 6th Issue...

Front Cover for a while (manga wil be later soon)


Pokemon Rangers for Nintendo DS Preview

special thanks to my twin sis....medj nangawit din kmi sa kakakuha nito...XD

till then, ja mata!!

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