Sunday, April 20, 2008

Megaman X4 X Gameplay (Sky Lagoon-Split Mushroom)

This is a recorded gameplay of Megaman X4 from Megaman X Anniversary Collection on the PS2. So far, we stopped after beating Split Mushroom's fungi-ass (suffered too much fuckin' damage on both areas) so the rest will be later. Oh, if you think I'm completing all of the items, well yer wrong, asshole. If I see a special item in that area I'm in right now, I'll take it. No returns on the defeated area!

So here's the order of kicking their asses (by weakness):

Web Spider>Split Mushroom>Cyber Peacock>Storm Owl>Colonel (Intermission Battle)>Magma Dragoon>Frost Walrus>Jet Stingray>Slash Beast

For now, here's the first three clips.

Sky Lagoon

Web Spider, Jungle

Split Mushroom, Bio Laboratory

The three clips had a fucking problem issues with the damn audio but it'll be back.

That'll be my rants for today!

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