Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This blog is 3 years old

Since May 26, 2006. *sniffs*

Happy three PnS! Hope more rants and randomness ensues then~

Happy 5 also to my dA account (konrei-sama on May 23, 2004) and happy 7 to our GameFAQs account (jygting on May 31, 2002). It's really funny that these accounts were registered or created in the month of May. Really weird. XDD

Rants? Well, online terms started and all of them are a piece of shit. Digital Illustration is the most insulting thing ever for me (since I draw duh) as we will do is trace, trace and fucking trace. English II is gay and Business is still shit as before duing my Management days. D:<

We will be 21 on June 6 so legal drinking FTW but we're not going to go for that, we promised to our aunt for that so as no vices and smoking.

'till then, maidoari! *bang*


mechgouki said...

Hi. I want to ask you, do you know how to get Albus mode in Japanese voice for US version? I've seen some Youtube vids that show it's possible.

BTW, do you have Rockman X8 Japanese version. You have Megaman X8 US version, which I don't want. Do you have it in Jap?

And do you have Skip Beat PS2 too?

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Getting Albus's voice in JP has something to with a cheat code (with a use of a CodeBreaker DS/Action Replay DS) to change his voice.

I don't have a Jap version of Rockman x8 but rather the Undub version of the said game is provided here.

Sorry, I don't have Skip Beat.

mechgouki said...

Undub version is still not as good as the original Jap version. :(