Monday, April 27, 2009

Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth Magic name changes

Note: US = JP

Dual Crush Skills (Kyouryoku Waza/協力技)
Rush = *same*
Holy Lightning = Thunder Cross
Axe Bomber = *same*
1,000 Blades = Thousand Edge
Volcano = *same*
Meteor = Meteor (Strike)
Grand Cruz = Grand Cross
Divine Storm = Hydro Storm
Dark Gate = *same*
Greatest Five = same but I call this baby: Royal Straight Flush (based on Kamen Rider Blade's King Form Skill), and they'll say "よみがえれ、 戦士達!!"

Charlotte's Magic Skill

Acidic Bubbles = Acid Bubble
ALL Boost = All Raise
Chain Lightning = Chain Thunder
Change Owl = *same*
Change Toad = *same*
Clear Skies = Clear Field
Cocytus = *same*
CON Boost = CON Raise
Dark Rift = Darkness Hole
Explosion = *same*
Eye for an Eye = Share Pain
Gale Force = Emerald Swallow (was that skill unused by Yes! Precure 5's Cure Emerald? o_O)
Hex = Evil Words
Ice Fang = White Fang
Ice Needle = *same*
INT Boost = INT Raise
LUCK Boost = LUCK Raise
MIND Boost = MIND Raise
Nightmare = Agony Sphere
Piercing Beam = Lightning Ray
Raging Fire = *same*
Rock Riot = Rock Strike
Salamander = *same*
Sanctuary = *same*
Speed Up = Hi (High) Speed
Spirits of Light = Light Spirits
Stone Circle = Circle Stone (WTF)
STR Boost = STR Raise
Summon Crow = *same*
Summon Frog = *same*
Summon Ghost = *same*
Summon Gunman = *same*
Summon Medusa = *same*
Summon Skeleton = *same*
Tempest = *same* (I swear to Lord, this spell is easy to get in but fucking hard to get out...)
Time Stop = Time Still/Clock Up (instead of saying the skill name, she'll say "すべてを止まれ!")
Thor's Bellow = Thor Ring
Thunderbolt = *same*

That'll be my rants for today.


mechgouki said...

One of the most irritating name changes:
Chaos Ring to Magus Ring

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

They should've retained it but no, they did not. Although the image of it looks the same as on Dawn of Sorrow/Sougetsu no Jyuujika, the name was only changed (but on Ecclesia, it was changed as Master Ring).

mechgouki said...

Actually, what I meant was the Japanese Gallery of Labyrinth clearly named it as Chaos Ring, but the US version changed that to Magus Ring. This is a change I cannot explain why. Can someone tell me why? -_-

I specifically bought the Japanese version of Gallery of Labyrinth, because I can't stand Konami US butchering names. In Symphony of the Night (Gekka no Yasou), they changed Valmanae (sp?) to Crissaegrim. I see no relevance whatsoever.

I bought Gallery of Labyrinth for a high price too. At 70 sing bucks (around $40+ US). More than a year later, the US version dropped to 20 sing (around 15 US), so I bought a copy for keeping. Then more than another year, the Jap version dropped to 10 sing dollars. :P Rather than complain about it, I just snatched up another copy. So now I have extra US and Jap versions of the game.

I bought Aria of Sorrow in English because I didn't know as much Jap that time. Fortunately, they didn't butcher much of the names anyway. I bought it at a high price too. Then the Jap versions dropped price, so I bought them too.

I can't buy Order of Ecclesia Jap, because all the shops don't have them. At least I didn't buy this version in high price. (30 sing).

mechgouki said...

By the way, my most favourite, is still Curse of Darkness (Yami no Juin). But those effects and 3d environments are only possible on a DVD system.

I would have loved Symphony of the night, but unfortunately, it has a very screwed up Level Up system. (Level up stat gains are completely random. And you take eternity to level up at 50+.)

Of the 3, Order of Ecclesia is still my favourite, because Exp is carried over this time.

Gallery of Labyrinth has a hard mode, but I hated the level Cap. I wanted Lv99 characters. So I played normal after I completed everything.

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

I really hated the Hard Level Cap on Gallery of Labyrinth so I bothered continuing the Normal Mode by Nest of Evil over and over XD

Playing Normal Mode and rewards from Level 1 Hard Mode can mean uber damage.

I finished Aria of Sorrow back in 2004 but the save file got screwed up. :(

Curse of Darkness is the best but I had re-do the game again due to being killed by Trevor underleved and having sucky equipment.

You mean Valmanway?

mechgouki said...
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mechgouki said...

Even though Dawn of Sorrow is new and has DS features, I think Aria of Sorrow is a better game. Dawn of Sorrow required sacrificing Boss Souls to get better weapons, and these weapons are all monotonous. >_<

What did you mean by this?
You can use the save file to start on Hard Mode (if you're a lame-ass).
I can't remember, but before my Saturn broke down, I think the Weapon's name ended with a-e, rather than u-e. Can't remember.

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Oh that one I said. You can use your clear Save File to start a new game on Hard Mode (with your previous stuffs retained) rather than starting on a new save file.

mechgouki said...

Yeah I know, but what's so lame about that? It's not as if Dawn of Sorrow allows a fresh Hard Mode pn a new game anyway.

I still say Aria of Sorrow is a lot better than Dawn of Sorrow.

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Don't mind about it, I had some grudges while making a post sometimes ;)