Saturday, January 21, 2012

Important Announcement

This is really important about on what's going on the internet and real life. First off, real life.

- Washington's recovering from the Snowpocalypse however, there are some cities (including Kent) are not getting some electricity back. Currently, we are residing from a friend of Mom's house until everything is back to normal.


- Megaupload's dead so ALL OF OUR UPLOADS HERE ARE FUCKING GONE. For the meantime, we'll move to Mediafire (I don't mind having an upload limit of 200MB since I'm used to it) and upload what I can (especially those who wasn't able to DL Koumajou Premium and Current Code). Removing MU was a total dick move.

That'll be my rants for today.


Shinra Bansho said...

I couldn't find any direct contact information, possibly because I'm a dummy, so I'll post here and hope you get notification:

I'm making a small Shinra Bansho fansite at - I was hoping to reupload the website render rips you did a while ago (I seem to have everything except ZX Factor Volume 3 and the ZX Emblems) with a link back to your blog to credit your work, but I was wondering if you would prefer to reupload it yourself and have those posts linked to instead or something.

Any response is appreciated, and naturally, thanks for doing all that in the first place! There's so little Shinra-Bansho-anything out there in English beyond fan art, so it was very cool to finally be able to just easily file through some official artwork.

シャドウワイバーン・金霊 said...


I am re-uploading the whole renders again. For the ZX Factor Emblems, I can't remember if I still have those on the HDD or on my Photobucket account so I will make a separate upload link for that soon.

Thank you for the support as well. Glad to see an another Shinrabansho US fan here! I will gladly link your blog as well here. :D

Shinra Bansho said...

Awesome, looking forward to it!