Thursday, March 01, 2012

Small Update

Uploaded two image-related links:

7th Dragon 2020 Renders (same images)
Shinrabansho Choco Renders (added some images that I missed, included Shichiten no Hasha Kakusei Images Vol. 1-3 and the Sai Campaign images that Shinrabansho Frontier did last year)

'till then!


Shinra Bansho said...

Is the reupload link for Shinra Bansho still on its way or did it not get pasted in the first time around...?

シャドウワイバーン・金霊 said...

Oh snap, I forgot to link it! It should be in there now. Sorry about that! XD

Working on the emblems now, check for a new post here later. :D

Shinra Bansho said...

Oh, phew, I'm just glad I'm not going crazy - I thought maybe it'd been there that whole time, but I wasn't seeing it because I'm getting old or something. ._.

Thanks again!

シャドウワイバーン・金霊 said...

You're welcome and glad you got the emblems too! :D