Saturday, May 05, 2012

Shinrabansho Choco Daimaou to Yattsu no Pillar V1 Box arrived!

Note: Again, I updated my Shinrabansho Renders adding the SB Frontier logos. Details are in the link

So today, Cinco de Mayo, our parcel finally arrived if I didn't check outside our house. The mail carriers aren't knocking at our doors anymore because it's only a SAL Unregistered parcel unlike SAL Registered Mail/EMS, they'll be knocking on your door. =.=^

But anyway as long as the item arrives safely, we're all good. We bought this on Amiami so if you want one, go place your order now. :)

The new post above me enlists on what cards we got so your boxes may vary as stated.

'till then!

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