Saturday, May 05, 2012

Shinra Banshou Choco Daimaou to Yattsu no Pillar Card Volume 1 Lineup

Not all cards are positioned the way the list goes so the contents of our (or your) box/es may vary.

To input your code, go to the site and enter the 16 digit code located at the lower-right beside the QR Code or just scan the QR Code with your smartphone. Also, you need to have an account for Shinra Banshou Frontier or BanaFes Town in case. If you have a Frontier account then you can use that account for BanaFes without having to register a new one.

Row 1 Back Row 2 Back
#015 Ebi Danshaku Scrimp #009 Seitenma Arcana
#012 Juuma Ou Mamon #021 Kaima Danshaku Kaldodimo
#017 Kouryuu Shisaku Bazart #020 Youma Shishaku Litbee
#004 Yuusha Hiiro #007 Souryo Mist
#027 Majo Baba Roa #015 Ebi Danshaku Scrimp
#026 Youka Douke Fiolerte PR Daimaou Arc (SMR)*
#013 Kouyoku Enbu Fenekia #006 Mahou Tsukai Majikko
#016 Shiroari Danshaku Termitis #018 Madako Shisaku Takkorudo
#011 Yama Ou Belferia #005 Senshi Ixa
#024 Gaikaku Shisaku Rabeo #017 Kouryuu Shisaku Bazart
Row 1 Front Row 2 Front

*You think we're bluffing? Here's the proof:

That's all the contents of our box. Sadly, we won't be able to buy an another one since we're waiting for Daimaou Vol. 2 on 7/16.

That'll be our rants today!


Anonymous said...

Well you've really one-upped me here, I got mine about two days ago and was all getting ready to post pictures of everything including the back card, to which I would only be able to comment, "I have no idea what this thing says, but hey look, it's a picture of one!!!" :B

So I was aware of codes appearing on the back of certain rare codes themselves, but I didn't know they also put one on the back card of every pack - what do they do exactly? Give more levels to your main guy or something?

And yes, after everything I've put up on the blog, my knowledge of SB is officially at the "I have no idea what's going on" point. :D

Anonymous said...

"on the back of certain rare cards", that should be. Thanks for not letting me edit my own comments, Blogger!

Also, thanks for not proofreading anything, me!

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

I take it you have the Shichiten no Hasha cards?

You can input the codes on the Shichiten site but so far, they're on Volume 4 which will end at June 30. The objective is to "power up" the 3 characters and once they have successfully powered up to the point, they will mail that card (Japan only) to your home.

If you don't like the power up, you can use the codes from BanaFes "Shinra Banshou Town" to earn neat avatar stuff.

Anonymous said...

I pre-ordered Daimao too, actually - is it any different from the way Shichiten's worked?

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Daimaou has their "Eight Pillar" Challenge on which you choose one of eight of the pillars when you input a serial code. The prize you get are random but consider yourself lucky if you won either a physical Crystal Rare Makai Kenshi Arc or Crystal Rare Seijou Aria Card on which they can send it to your home (Japan only AGAIN).

Other cards are not physical but they can be obtained only in the online game are Yuusha Hiiro, Yama Ou Belferia or Kouma Ou Rukiferl.

The rest of the prizes are coins of Volume 1, Shichiten no Hasha and Daimaou on which they can be used on the online game and last are avatar items of Arc and Hiiro that can be dressed up from your avatar at BanaFes Town.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's cool. I'd been wondering ever since seeing those videos of folks using the website on YouTube if they actually sent cards out to you when you complete things. D:

Thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it! I'll have my post on the box I got up on the site soon (guest starring my cat), would you mind if I quoted you on some of the stuff here?

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Sure thing!

It's hard to get the physical cards unless someone you know in Japan is willing to send it to you :(