Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Somebody said this *points finger in the air*

Suprisingly, some shithole at wiki removed those kick-ass quotes in Kamen Rider Kabuto, someone made a video on YT and I decided to list 'em down...credits to TV Nihon for the subs. I added Arata also on HBV and the others from God Speed Love.

Grandmother said this:
...Walking the path of heaven...the man who will rule everything.
...Make the world revolve around you. It's more fun to think that way.
...If you're going to eat it anyway then first eat the best one first!
...When people love others they become weaker but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Because that is not true weakness. Only those who know weakness will become truly stronger.
...People become stronger through adventures.
...Flowers can make any girl glow.
...When not close by, one is even closer.
...If you are going to adventure, make it a big adventure.
...Chase two birds, and you catch two birds.
...You...will walk the path of heaven and rule over everything. Such is how it shall be.
...Sickness occurs because of the food. The word "to eat" is written using "person" and "good".
...Friendship is written using "friends" and "naive hearts".
...Each meal only happens once in your life so make each one important.
...All girls are flowers. All girls are equally beautiful.
...There are two things men must not do. One is to not make girls cry, the other is to not handle food crudely!
...A truly famous store does not put out advertisements.
...Fighting is something done from the stomach. Put the energy from your stomach into it!
...Work is a sticky as natto.
...The whisper of a devil can sometime sound like an angel's voice.
...Immature fruit is sour producing immature fights.
...During meals an angel descends. For it is a sacred time.
...Children are treasures. The greatest sin in this to damage those treasures.
...People who steal things, lose something even more important.
...Men must be cool. Boiling water is but vapor.
...Once you know the real thing, you won't be fooled by an imitation.
...It is fun to add a secret flavor so that no one knows.'s more fun to find it.
...It is enjoyable to eat something delicious but the greatest joy is the time spent waiting for it.
...Delicious cooking is alive. You must be nonchalant about it.
...No matter what condiment, no matter what ingredient there is something greater. And that is the love of the person creating the food.
...With strength as a goal, I will become even stronger. much as necessary.
...Fancy food does not taste good. No matter what truth you try to hide, you cannot hide it.
...A knife in hand can only make people happy through cooking.
...One that drowns in oneself, will eventually fall to darkness.
...Even if the world were full of enemies, there is someone you must protect.
...A cuisine's flavor is decided by preparation and performance.
...If you receive a little kindness, give them a large serving.
...Life is a long path to a goal. Drop your heavy luggage and enjoy walking with your hands empty.
...My evolution is faster than light. Nothing in the whole world can keep up with my evolution.
...The wishes of the children are the future reality. Adults that laugh at such dreams are no longer human.
...A bond is a deep connection that cannot be broken. Even if apart, heart and heart are connected.
...People walk on the path of people and that which opens that path up is the path of Heaven.
...I am the center of the world. So...I will save the world!
...Truly delicious food will change the life of the one who eats it.
...The sun is wonderful. It can make even the dirt shine.
...Cooking spreads from one person to another. The flavor connects one person to another.

...Justice is myself. I am Justice.
...Even if the world became his enemies...he all along didn't give up in the end.
...In the world there is one name that you must know. Walking the path of Heaven...the man who will rule over all. I am the world, as long as the world will I!
...To walk the same path is merely a test of perserverance. But reaching different paths together is..."friend".
...If I wish for it, fate will always be my ally.
...There's nothing wrong with imitating a person as long as it's to find who you really are.
...The strong are saved. The weak crumble. Only the strong need to survive.
...Turn the tea bag inside out when the food is extremely bad.

Jiiya said this:
...Men are fiery. If the spark isn't lit early, they'll never rise to be a firework.
...A noble deed must be nobly returned.
...There is no greater wealth than friendship. Let's make it our treasure.

Grandfather said this:
Arata! Why don't you call!?

*gets tripped* Ow...My legs hurt.

God said this:
...In the blue sky of heaven there was light...Day and night separated. To give a sign for time, for the sun, for the stars. will be in the blue sky of heaven. You will shine the light upon the land.

It's shit long but those are FUCKING MADE OF WIN!!! *points in the air ala Souji*

That'll be my rants for today!

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