Monday, March 10, 2008

Tales of the Abyss - Asch battle on Eldrant

things kinda got nasty here since one: my sis' circle button got sanked somewhere on the second wave of combos and two: Asch counters your ass with Kouga Meishouzan even when he's not in OL if you OL and try to pull off a Hi-Ougi (on our so-called "Flop Test").

Skipped the Regret battle since she's too much for an ass kicking... >.<

Yeah, we know the quality sucks, we just used a webcam for that! D: See next time on we "might" try recording Sync battle (if we didn't flop/screwed/fucked up).

Already upped on YT/CR.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

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