Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Babbles

Yes, I was bored and I haven't reviewed my book for tomorrow's last day on Management Weekly Quiz.

Last 2 day ago was pretty bitch really, that was first time going out of the house to blow off some steam (well, di naman sa term na 'naglayas' kasi tawid lang ng bahay ang parke...) then called Kika/Asch to rant her my problems and she can relate some of my problems. Dad also called to ask where am I and go back home since they're worried about what happened to us, this is also the first time I heard dad cry so we all apologized thus never to happen that again.

So I thank Kika, Jio and the other peeps I forgot. I really appreciated your advices.

Random No. 2

Made a lame splash images for our records/subbings on Chaos Wars. 2 images were made as of now:

Will still finish images for Luwenelwa, Zeonsilt and Takeru. Fuck the Miyu image is wrong, it should be 320 in width and not 340! Shit must've been really tired [x.x] *reworks again* Quickly reworked on it again.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

PS: Curse you fucking Golf, no Go-on 21 nor Keitai Sousakan this week 7!! DX

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