Saturday, June 07, 2008

tired but fun

Otanjoubi omedeto Mika-nee!!

while kai and I had our bday yesterday!! yay 20s (but no smoking/alcohol drinking!)

Yesterday was fun though kai was crying like hell (since we bitch each other on June 5...long story to tell but for short: we argued...) so I gave her a nifty gift: Fatal Fury Archives Vol. 1 though I also plan to get her Ryuuko no Ken Vol.1 but I need to get one also on my own so that game wouldn't bite her (since she played that waaaaay back on SNES, Andy FTW!)...

Today was pretty fun, dad came home as he promised because it was our birthday so we went out and go to the Convention Center of somesort (XD) but there was this event called "Pagdiriwang", a one-day Filipino Expo convention that shows mostly all of the things Filipinos made esp. the food (Mom was poking the Leche Flan thought it was fake but no...XD) and took a picture in the Nipa Hut (my pose sucks badly...)

Oh did I mention before we went inside the convention, kai was srsly poked by that fucking crow who guards its territory and don't worry...she was whacked in the back of her head (it hurted like hell she said...)

And onto the monorail, damn it reminded me of the LRTs in Manila (UN to Blumentrit XD).

Onto the Westcafe mall, sightseeing then looked at Fossil for dad's watch then Plush where their couches are sooooo soft and fluffy!1!! :3 Then Gamestop since they had a 50% game sale discounts (she bought Sonic Heroes) thus tried Mario Kart Wii, it wasn't bad after all (the way I hold the controller) but the control system was killing me much [x.x] and Gundam Musou on the PS3. Checked mom and co. on Daizo (Japanese store) and lol they play L'arc musics (Stay Away, Finale, Pieces, Get out from the Shell etc.), bought Colored Markers *is geek again*!!!

Picture, picture!! XD Some of our pics were in the camera while mine has my faces *is railed*

We lunched at the Foodcourt in Westcafe, mom and dad ordered noodles while mine was the California-Teriyaki Roll set w/ sauce. Umai!

Walked around outside and went to Ross/Nordstrom then back to Westcafe Mall for the Monorail to get back.

Back in the other side, we ventured the Amusement Park then to the Arcade where they got a Sketch Picture thing (we got piccies of them XD), tried Espi's BBQ Pork...gawd it's j00 good. Dad showed us the Music and Space Museum but didn't go to the Space Museum since the Entrance Fee was expensive XD

And last to Uwajimaya-Kinokuniya and we gots Kiva Fuestle Set (4 out of 6 sadly) and Den-O HD Urataros...

We plan to complete the Fuestle Set along with the Figurines if my money isn't going to rail me off.

Pics? Well, I'm too lazy to post them for now XD

till then, maidoari! *bang*

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