Monday, July 14, 2008

Reasons on why I rarely take requests on graphics...

Yes, I'm going to rant now while I'm still online >DDDD

After reading
this thread, I realized that my works sometimes isn't paid off for some reasons and that downs my hearts/skill as a graphic artist when they request. Graphics is time consuming depending on the image they requested but not using, that's a different matter now and it's like a food that I cooked that was ignored.

This is also my greatest point on why they request on a person to make graphic shits:

People should't request stuff if they aren't actually going to use it. >>
& I'm not even speaking about my own work in this one, I've seen requests in some of the better photoshoper's threads & then never see the person they made it for use the AV/Banner they requested.

-x1xBladex1x of HJU

I'm pointing at you certain person at TDP!! *points* I don't give fucking care if my graphics isn't matched on your fucking set, you're not even using it you fucking hag!!

*calms down*

So now, I do this for my own fun and entertainment. I also do surprise graphic images on my friends even if they didn't requested it.

till then, maidoari! *bang*

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