Monday, July 21, 2008

Series Rant: Maou

"Revenge has never been this diabolically sweet and evil..."

Been a while I rant something from what I have watched...

Maou, J-drama series that was aired last July 4, 2008, starring Ikuta Touma and Satoshi Ohno, as a remake of the K-Drama Series last year. Starting of the story is Naruse "Angel Lawyer" Ryou (Satoshi Ohno) who portays the role of a two-faced lawyer, where one side is his goody-goody and kind-hearted fellow while the other is a real demonic fellow (lol) using brilliant mind to take revenge on the person who killed his family. Serizawa Naoto (Touma Ikuta) portays a double role on the series, he's an undergrad (ouch) who became a 'keiji' (detective) because of his dark past (which he doesn't remember much...) and trying to solve the mysterious murders while fighting against Maou.

The theme song (Truth by Arashi) is fucking awesome and episode one made my mind asplode (srsly) and hi Ninomiya-kun. Episode two on the other hand was really exciting, 2 birds with 1 stone is all I can say and hello Object Reading! (VP:S reference lol but there's also like that on Maou)

And we joked the red envelopes that Amano Makoto (name is derived under 雨野真実 which is literally 'Ame no Shinjitsu' meaning 'Rain of truth'...) sents to his senders (a parcel containing the red envelope with a certain Tarot Card on it) as "Curse you Netflix!!" on EP1 =))

Yes, Tarot Cards are also involved in the series as it serves as a clue or a hint on what will happen to a person who ever recieves this.

All in all, it wasn't boring and it'll keep you in your seat making your mind also numbfucking asplode. Episode One is one hour in time but Episode Two and the rest of the episodes are 45 minutes in time. Ohno fits for being the 'demonic' lawyer I'm telling you, his face is like almost saying that 'Screw you, you're going to fucking die anyway for my family!' and Ikuta on the other hand, he's all fired up as a detective and he smokes *gasps* =))

till then, maidoari! *bang*

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