Friday, December 05, 2008

悪魔城ドラキュラ 奪われた刻印 - ドラキュラの腹心; デス

I didn't expect some shits I've been doing against him...

Copy-pasted from YT:

I don't know but I'm such a shameless plug for fighting dirty against him...*hides in embarassment*

I tried various ways of slapping him but I ended up getting killed (due to Death Ring) and has to use Inire Rapidus instead to counter-act the mini sickles that fly through but it didn't, sadly much.

So instead I had to come up with a stupid idea: Light and Dark Union+Dominus Angor/Dominus Agony+ Death Ring = insane damage. I had to equip Magician Ring for an extra punch.

Activate Dominus the moment Death is on the screen so if you activate it very early, expect your HP whittling down while Death does his intro. Anyways, pull off the union then wait a slight sec and input it again. The moment you press quickly the union, no damage will be dealt so after Death got hit, wait then give it a go again.

And you just made him a quick and easy death!

I just pulled off a cheap-ass shit on him but that's only him. Eligor, however, will be a hard ass to deal with so...I ain't doin' it again.

That'll be my rants for today.

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