Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Bosses

Before the year ends, here are some of the first three bosses from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (recorded on the living room with the lights out so it gets a better fucking view).

vs. Dullahan

I evaded most of his damn attacks especially on the attached head which does shitbricking damage. The sword wave can be eveaded easily by moving on the top ledges available. The head is immune to all attacks but gets stunned making attachments impossible to perform on the armor so Rock Strike/Rock Riot on Full Charge is a must or you can use Jonathan here and use the Axe Sub-Weapon on the head (but be careful on the MP cost of it!) while attacking Rusty.

vs. Behemoth

This guy is one tough nut to evade unless if he doesn't corner you enough, just cast Full Charge Ice Needle then get close to him. Just hold the casting if he's not in there (or backdash to cancel the spell) but don't get too close to him or else you'll end up getting hit in the feet. Keep those Ice Needle on Full Charge so it gets better damage.

vs. Keremet

I provided 2 videos here: One using White Fang/Ice Fang (top) and the other is Ice Needle (bottom). Both of them do decent damage but I found Ice Needle a bit faster. Move the cauldron on the right (not too much right, just beside the ledge) then move to the topmost of the ledge and use Jonathan to attack and provoke the cauldron. Make sure you hit him when his fucking green face appears then cast those Ice spells away!

So there we go, the next batch will be later or tomorrow.

As 2008 closes it curtains, 2009 will be a brand new start to all (or maybe not)...

That'll be my final rants for 2008 and you all have a wonderful new year!

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