Monday, March 09, 2009

悪魔城ドラキュラ蒼月の十字架 Bosses Batch 3

I had to upload 2 for the meantime...both of them are HARD AS GODDAMN FUCKING HELL!! (but they get pathetically easy once the patterns are read so haw haw...)

vs. Gergoth

Of all the bosses, he is the most annoying yet pathetic. Damage him as much as you can on the first phase and once he crumbles the ground, you'll go a long wee wee all the way down so either do some damage or avoid him (but eventually, you totally suck if you didn't smack him) so once his head is on the ground, now's your chance to smack him all the way before he gains momentum and the shackles on his feet are broken but nothing much on the shithead...but be careful on his 'Shoop da Whoop' shit. Upon defeating, you'll get the Guardian Soul which also does 'Shoop da Whoop' shit too.

vs. Zephyr

The fourth Mafuujin is damn hard to pull off so again, I resorted to practice. Oh and before facing him, see the tiny shit floating on the background? That is one of the monsters that is said on the UMA News (if you give a real damn care looking it) If you have the Mandragora Soul, use it and he'll pop goes the weasel and obtain his Guardian Soul (but not added on the Enemy Book so WTFH) which increases INT and LUCK (but nothing happens like bullshit). Before I face him, I went back to max out Alura Une and Iron Golem so as Yeti.

For the clueless assheads out there, there I said it.

So against him...psh, psh, pfft, wahahahahahaha!! Whatta dumbass and he is SO fucking easy!! Just rape Guillotine Soul 5 times and he sucks! If he does his Clock Up, he'll shoot knives above your head so once it's Clock Over, you'll get what I mean. If you get lucky, you might be in between the knives but if not, sucks to be you.

That'll be my rants for today.

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