Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Top 10 L shits!+Legaia 2 Duel Saga Undub rants

*gets tagged* Ah shit...

1. Lunar Legend Tsukihime - was my first TYPE-MOON anime I watched last 2005
2. Last Chance - not included in my vocabulary!
3. Live-Action Drama - what we like more than Anime!
4. Loser - what I called on n00bs or other assholes/bastards/morons/idiots/dickwads.
5. Laidback - what I am
6. Legal Stuffs - what this blog does/doesn't have!
7. Light Elemental Cards - I mostly have those on the Duel Masters PS2 game next to Water Elemental Cards.
8. Lost Fon Drive - Luke's 2nd Hi-Ougi. *Climax Form Finisher Theme plays* Charge and Up bitches!!
9. Len - neither the black or white cat is fine too!
10. Legretta the Quick - I can't type her Japanese name but . . . bang bang bitches!!

Anyways, I played Legaia 2 Undub last night and it was semi-fucking hard like hell. Well, Legend of Legaia WAS much more fucking hard than Duel Saga (I was forced to cheat for shit sakes or I end up throwing tantrums and the controller out of frustration). The encounter is somewhat moderate to high and the battle system is kind of repetitive. I just wasted a couple of Heal Powder on the first damn boss what the hell it dealed crazy damage at the near end, forcing me to use a fucking item! Hell even money was a bit scarce but with the money trick, I might try it (but it will be later...).

The voices were only on battle but not on cutscenes so it was damn worth. Fricking great.

That'll be my rants for today.

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