Sunday, October 05, 2008

PS2 Onmyou Taisenki Byakko Enbu

For now, these are the only ones are about to be uploaded. The rest are still incomplete and I'm having bad shits on Tai no Fukumaden >_>

The commands are performed in the video so no need to explain...

体 弧月拳舞 (コゲツケンブ)
心 破軍弧影斬 (ハグンコエイザン)
技 怒涛斬魂剣 (ドトウザンコンケン)

Byakko no Kogenta
Tai Kogetsu Kenbu (affects one enemy)
Shin Hagun Ko'eizan (affects all enemies)
Gi Dotou Zankonken (affects one enemy)

体 爆砕牙点穴 (バクサイガテンケツ)
心 邪五行滅衰 (ジャゴギョウメッスイ)
技 裂紙大逆剣 (レッシタイギャクケン)

Byakko no Rangetsu
Tai Bakusaiga Tenketsu (affects one enemy)
Shin Jyagogyou Messui (affects one enemy)
Gi Resshi Taigyakuken (affects all enemies)

心 十六夜欠落 (イザヨイカケオトシ)
技 浄化之産声 (ジョウカノウブゴエ)
体 風神降臨陣 (フウジンコウリンジン)

Hiiragi no Horin
Shin Izayoi Kake Otoshi (affects all enemies)
Gi Jouka no Ubugoe (affects one enemy)
Tai Fuujin Kourinjin (affects all enemies)

That'll be my rants for today.

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