Friday, April 17, 2009

悪魔城ドラキュラ 奪われた刻印 - 魔戦騎エリゴル

This ass gave me a hell of time!!

vs. Masenki Eligor

I had to do the fucking cheap method that was used on Death before so...fuck that.

Dracula is last! But I dunno if I can kick Jiang Shi's ass...

That'll be my rants for today.


mechgouki said...

Hi. Could you show us the equipment you used for this? Thanks.

I tried to fight him in Boss rush using Redire + Magnes, but I always fly off in the wrong direction. >_<

I own Gallery of Labyrinth both Japanese and English, but I play the Japanese version.

For 奪われた刻印, I can only get the Europe version. They didn't sell the Japanese version in my area. :(

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Hi mechgouki!

Sure, I'll tell you what are my equipments and Glyphs. I focused mostly on ATK along with INT (so the arrows in his body destroy faster).

Head: Any Elemental pins that increases INT
Armor: Valkyrie Mail (or Battle Suit if you have)
Legs: Anything you prefer but if you want a boost of ATK, get Barbarian Sandals (dropped by King Skeleton)
Accessory 1 and 2: Death Ring (I got the second Death Ring via Wireless Market)

As for Glyphs:

A- Vol Umbra, Vol Luminatio, Dominus Agony
B- Melio Macir, Nitesco, Dominus Agony
C- Melio Macir (both), Inire Vis (glyph that increases STR)

I tried using that combo too but I get killed or sometimes miss my timings behind him so I rather did the hard way XD

Really? Awesome! The EU version of Gallery of Labyrinth fixed the Task Glitch so it's impossible to duplicate any items or increase Max HP/MP.

Ah, no worries. If you can, there are online stores that sell the Japanese version of Order of Ecclesia. :)

mechgouki said...

I just figured out the explosion was a Light + Dark union. It was powerful, but cost too much hearts.

I used Melio Ascia (Axe) union to beat the 2 crossbows. Works better than the explosion because of speed and cost.

I don't think I'll get another Jap version to play. I mean, on my current English version, I already have everything, including completing at Hard Level 1.

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

It would be great if Queen of Hearts was sold on the Wi-Fi but it doesn't >_<

I wanted a fast (and cheap fight) so I used the Light+Dark Union of better damage.

I also have the English version and working on my Hard Mode Level 1 playthrough.

mechgouki said...

Huh? But I thought your version is the Jap version?

Queen of Hearts CAN be sold on Wifi. I'm selling that in shop mode.

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

I'm playing the both Japanese and English version in the DS emulator.

I'm just a curious person sometimes ^^;

mechgouki said...

You're playing on Emu? That means you can't Wifi anyway.

Mine is original, so I go wifi all the time, but there's no one to connect to. >_<

ウィンドライガー・カイヒドウ said...

Yes, I make use of the emulators on the game.

It's prolly hard to connect at people who are still playing the game nowadays...