Tuesday, April 07, 2009

悪魔城ドラキュラ蒼月の十字架 Last 2 Bosses before the Final Boss

Just to rush this before SakuCon!! Here are the last 2 bosses before the final shit himself...

vs. Death

He has some cool attacks but his appearance totally suck-ass. His scythe has some range which is kinda hard to evade. If he follows you, he'll attempt to pull off a 2 hit slash attack so double jump on the first hit so the second will evade. If he spins his weapon, it'll burst into a bunch of mini-scythes so either use the Spin Devil soul or anything to clean the shit up. Sometimes he casts 3 clones of himself and do a chop so go in between them to avoid or often he'll do it the second time. Once his first form is piled the second is somewhat hard but a bit fuckking easy. If he disappears, he's about to pull you out so when he appears start double jumping but the annoying part comes in when he spins his weapon, traveling in a portion of the screen and a couple of mini-scythes are appearing. Keep those Guillotine Soul dropping so he can taste his own. It was fucking disappointing that he didn't do his giant skull craps which was too damn easy if you have the Medusa Head soul and rape the Guillotine Soul >_>

Warning though, you can still get hit by the damn spinning scythe if he's defeated.

vs. Abaddon

This last ass is totally annoying and to counter those locusts shit, Gergoth and Spin Devil (both are Guardian Souls so put them on Set A and B respectively) so pull off Gergoth 'Shoop da Whoop' Soul if he does a straight line, a C line and a reverse J (stroking from bottom to top) while the Spin Devil is for the inverted J (stroking from top to bottom) and slap him with some powerful Bullet Souls while he's not summoning his bugs. So once he's done, you get his second to the last soul prolly you should have at least 99.1% Soul Completion as the last Soul is just after the boss room.

Once you got the last soul, head back to the room to where 3 Frozen Shades are to get your hardworking reward: Chaos Ring. You can now use those souls to craft powerful weapons needed for the last boss (you don't need to concern getting all the souls again since you have the ring).

The last boss will be uploaded tomorrow and I'm all goddamn motherfucking done!! (needs to finish Portrait of Ruin Level 1 Hard also)

That'll be my rants for today.

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