Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Counter-ness and random JE's...

Just added a counter on the end of the page courtesy of Amazing Counters (Lion version....which reminded me of Saber from F/SN XD GAO~) and fix some of the errors here on the blog...

Until yesterday, I'm still listening to Koushicha Irarenai (こうしちゃいられない) by Junichi&JJr. (じゅんいちアンドジャニーズジュニア) , ending theme of Nintama Rantarou and speaking of JJr, they have different Jrs. on each theme songs they sang:

Junichi&JJr. on JP Wiki

山本淳一(元光GENJI) [Yamamoto Junichi of Hikaru Genji]

こうしちゃいられない (Koushicha Irarenai)
大野智(嵐) [Ohno Satsohi from Arashi]
生田斗真(ジャニーズJr.) [Touma Ikuta from Johnny's Jr.]
浜田一男 [Asakura Kazuo from Hikaru Genji]
松本淳一 [Matsumoto Junichi from Musical Academy (MA)]
鎌田淳 [Kaneda Jun] (not sure on this...)
尾身和樹 [Omi Kazuki]
広野慎一郎 [Kouya Shin'ichirou]

0点チャンピオン (0-ten Champion) [Zero Point Champion]
大野智(嵐) [Ohno Satoshi from Arashi]
生田斗真(ジャニーズJr.) [Touma Ikuta from Johnny's Jr.]
鎌田淳 [Kaneda Jun]
尾身和樹 [Omi Kazuki]
広野慎一郎 [Kouya Shin'ichirou]
吉田大地 [Yoshida Daichi]

And as for Touma Ikuta, he appeared on Tensai Terebi-kun on 1996 with Maeda Aki and Eiji Wentz!? O_O There's already NHK airing there but not converted yet on JE fandom (we're still 9 yrs. old for crap's sake! XD) but whadda heck, I wish time goes back...LOL

and Mika-nee requested for Koushicha Irarenai, just click on the link.

anways, that'll be my rants as of now....oh yeah, Naruto: UN2 sucks so STFU!!

till then, maidoari!! *bang*


Jhoanna said...

crap! Toma Ikuta was also there!!! shemay!~~ the only one I remember from that show would be Eiji Wentz.. well cya lng naman ung tisoy dun dabah... ahhaha XD damn girl... do u have these songs... give me pweeeaaaaseeee~!!! onegaishimasu~!!!

tho i still cant believe that Toma Ikuta was there... damn! hahah... well yeah... i was aleady in 5th grade and we always watch that show pag uwian sa tanghali.. remember SOS! hehee... so love that anime kaya lng wala akong mahanap na info kamo dun..

hoy bigay mo ung mp3 nyan ha... please on both! hanap mo ko!

Hadaka Konrei said...

lol XD kita ko nga nun k Eiji, e di pa naman tau converted sa JE nun bata tau kaya malas natin...di ko rin nakita c Maeda Aki nun...if i'm not mistaken April 1996 duamting ung tatlong un (Eiji, Aki and Touma)

Alice SOS...kya~ XD ngaun e evolved na ang Tensai Terebi-kun MAX!! XD

just gave you the link of the song!! ^^

Jhoanna said...

thanks... hanapin mo ung 0-ten champion ha! c Maeda Aki nareremember ko i think cya ung me isa cyang song eh ung kanta after nung "You Can't Hurry Love"... yeah... basta me kanta cya nun eh... i cant remember tho what was it...