Monday, June 18, 2007

This calls for drastic measures...+Random Greetings

And I mean it!! The time is NAO!!!

Seriously, I just saw that the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 (or Narutimate Hero 2)boards was flooded in GameFaqs (also in GameSpot I guess?) so I was thinking of making a movelist IN JAPANESE! I don't like suck ass n00bs who ask basic questions like they have zero sense or minus (thank you Retsu/Geki Blue for saying that) in their tiny brains and those faggots even removed Kazehana Dotou! WTF it sucks! So if you were thinking that I'll be making a movelist in the US version, well think again, bub. And the Angou Nyoryoku in Naruto no Jidaku had also changed the combinations. Well, the damn fucking hell they were doing...

I don't care if it's a direct insult to those who had the game already. The dubbing sucks.

Oh, and if they're planning to make a Ultimate Ninja 3 next year, I already covered a movelist last year. Tough luck!

As for my random greetings


Dad went back to Kent yesterday just to fill out a from that should be needed to be submit and I called them just so to greet him a Happy Father's Day to him. Right now, he'll be back at the harbor by 6AM.

Make sure you greeted your dad also (either give him a card, sing his favorite song to him, go out for a walk or anything that will make him happy)! *hugs dad*

That'll be my rants for this day-tebayo! ("Believe it" sucks)

PS: LOL-tebayo! I mean it...

EDIT: The hell some random shit searched something...

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The fuck futanari, hey asshole...Monteh will definitely fucking RISUTTO KATTO you like there's no tomorrow coming...

If you retards are looking for futanari, I suggest you go to Melty Bread Forums, go to Sacchin Toast and search for the topic "I Demand the Toast! (NSFW)"

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