Friday, June 22, 2007

Request+WTF rants...

Before I might forgot this mp3 Mika-nee's been requesting:

Hide and the Spread Beavers - Rocket Dive

for the WTF rants...

Gintama is the LOVE!!! Watched this on crunchyroll and we were LOL'ed by their crazy ass parodies/jokes esp. Gintama wanting to have Bankai powers while reading Jump Comics XD, Kariya-san with a Lightsaber and Kato Ken Samba FTW (parody version of Matsu Ken Samba)!! XD XD XD finished watching 1-2, 11-12 (just to see if Ichigo WAS in there and yeah, it's true!! LOL)

will continue watching this anime for insane pleasure and fun (and no, not unlike Ayame who's a masochist...)...

for our import downloading: BMW is done, Suikogaiden V1 is done, SG V2 ish next!

till then, maidoari!!

PS: "A dumpling you've chewed and spitted out isn't a dumpling anymore, ya moron!!"

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