Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random shits for a while

Just wanna say...


Last...May 26, yeah...>.>

For the other random shits.

Oh-kay, I have seriously decided that I will make a guide on Narutimate Hero 2 (including Dotou) instead on browsing on some lame-ass US movelist that doesn't have Dotou so screw those fuckers who got the US copy of it!

And holy fuck for the past few years, we got the goddamn files for Battle Moon Wars (3rd Act included)!! Grahh, after screwing those damn search engines and torrents, someone had a DDL link so 56k users can download it w/o having any problems on the torrent sites! I thank you to that guy who shared the links!!

He also had some good games on the PSX (even Suikogaiden! Holy shit must download both of them!!) on ISO format bat more likely, I'll just have to download/burn it and keep it until we get home in the Philippines. Man, I have to download those rare import PSX games!!

For now, we have to finish ALL 7 rar files of Battle Moon Wars then download Suikogaiden next then clearing up some unnecessary junks...

That'll be my random shits for today.

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The hell again? FYI: WE ARE NOT PART OF THE HENTAI COMMUNITY!! THIS BLOG IS HENTAI-FREE! BTW, kung lyrics ng "Shigi shigi" hinahanap nyo, wag na. "Shigi shigi uwa..." paulit-ulit lang yan, eh! meron na at tignan nyo! XD XD

kon: Al-bedo~ here's your two peches waiting to be converted by you......

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