Tuesday, January 29, 2008


What's this? After doing this, I was called an abusive moderator by an irregular fatass, the fucking hell and here's what the fatass reported:


The reporter has made the following comment:
I want to give a reaction to this moderator.She would always approach to topics and lock it(mostly opinion topics).This is only a comment,but her abuse of her privilage of her position as moderator should be stopped.-name hid due to his stupidity

then making a lame strike, replied and locked then PM-ed me:

o,pwe ka rin!Wala pang saumasama dun,at,gusto ko lang sabihin e!And,the one who made that was gary the snail.

so I hit him back with this reply:

e ba't ka nakisali sa ka kalokohan ni gary the snail at kung alam mo naman na medyo loko si gary kesa sa'yo...

pwe ka lalo .period.

So here's the Q: Are we (moderators) are that abusive or you simple and plain irregular members?

And lastly, don't even try dreaming becoming one of the mods since you're an irregular jack-ass...

till then, maidoari! *bang*

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