Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WAKE UP! Kamen Rider Kiva!

"Wake Up! Sadame no kusari tokihanate."

All I can I say to this is MADE OF FUCKING WIN!!!

I thought it was crappy due to the Henshin Belt...but I was goddamn wrong!! The first episode was awesome! His henshin is now different than the other Kamen Riders (his familiar Kivat Bat bites Wataru's hand and poof! Henshin babeh!)

Rider Kick "Bad-Ass" Version! (or should I say, Darkness Moon Break)

Looking forward to see the second episode! The opening theme song isn't that bad at all. It's freaking great!

And the opening clip by Tourbillon (Break the Chain)

That'll be my rants for today! WAKE UP!!!

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