Friday, January 18, 2008

Just had fun...

Walking with my mom after asking me to go with her.

here's the whole enchilada:

Mom asked me to go with her since she saw my check came also so I didn't have any second thoughts to say no so I said "Okee~" then lazily dressed up (kung ano yung pinantulog ko, ayun rin yung pinang-alis ko! XD) and walked all the way to Bank of America first (since Money Tree is flooded with people DX). She applied for an account of her own then she asked me what background check should I pick so....I pick the Hello Kitty Pink check (lol) and she said "O~k..." then she also applied me also for an account after that shit happened on US Bank...>.> then background check selection time, I quickly point to the cute kitty check then the guy said "You like animals?", I just nod and mom lol'ed...then all is better, got our money and bus all the way to the other side.

Then we went to Conviniece Store w/ McDo Extension, ordered burgers and salad (for me >.>) and on to Lil' Caesars, ordered To-go Pepperonis then here's the WTF moment part: Mom kindly asked for a plastic then the guy said "It wouldn't fit" then asked for a plastic string to tie around on the Pizza Box (like on the Phils. Shakey's, Sam's Pizza, Lil' Caesars and other pizza branches on 'pinas) then the guy said again "How?", mom was like "WTF...nevermind." then out of LC with the pizza box and I lmao-ed at the guy saying "Wow di nya alam kung paano mag-tali sa kahon?" and mom agreed. Then to US Bank for some deposit stuffs and to Fred Mayers, bought groceries if mom ever continues to go on Alaska again (well for one ako naman ang yaya sa bahay eh!! DXX) so there...and went home by calling the frickin' taxi that waited us for.... 10 minutes or so....DX

*wipes sweat* till then, maidoari! *bang*

PS: Fuck SRZG DL on Rapidshare...file is frickin' corrupt...great *facepalms*

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