Wednesday, February 27, 2008

6 weird things about kaihidou

*is tagged*

1. I like imports more than the US. Unless they have voice changing, that won't be a problem to me. If you think I'm weaboo, fuck off dude. I don't care if I don't understand Japanese that much, the good thing is I'm playing it.

2. I like RPG more than any other genre. The reason why even now I play RPG thanks to Chrono Trigger in SNES now I'm playing "Tales of" series, I finished almost ASSLOADS of RPGs (not counting SNES) from emulators to console to handhelds.

3. I have pictures of NSFW in my Photobucket. Well not that much. Pairs to be exact (I don't have yaoi, just yuri pictures) and even solo pictures as well! *faps*

4. I always turn off the voices in English while playing. I have many reasons why. 'Nuff said.

5. I tend to dislike US games A LOT. And they sucked hard. WTF's the problem on US gaming developments nowadays? Hell, even SMT Persona 3 said that one Persona was removed by many reasons. What? What the hell's wrong with a "p0n0-like" Persona? =\ I don't see "that" looking like a p0n0s...

6. Profit!!!

I tag no one...

That'll be my rants for today.

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