Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tales of Rebirth - Kronell on 30th Floor

oh the joy~

Kronell again with this time, Veigue and Annie Doll on Hard Mode, Level 91 all 6 members and first playthrough (reloaded our lovable save file~). At the start, we forgot that the 3 were on Manual mode after making a stupid bitching task on Floor 29.

How in the fucking shit did that Annie Doll had a bitching circle so big, our Annie didn't had that!? D:

No Hi-ougis were pulled off after Mao compelled burned shaded those bitches quickly with Bloody Cross Burn Strike an itsy-bitsy spell called Arch Shade (didn't notice that it was Burn Strike so screw that D:).

as seen also on YT and CR...

more vids to be upped later (see how fucking cheap we are on the final boss!), maidoari~ *bang*

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