Monday, August 11, 2008

Bakuen Kakusei Neverland Senki Zero start!

...or in Europe Version, it's called 'Realm of the Dead' (dumbshit crappy EU cover). Just read the video for the damn introduction, I'm too lazy typing it all. I used Hiro (the scythe-wielding bitch packing a 'hot' can of whoop-ass) and played it in Normal Mode (since Hard is a total shit bitch to deal with), but it'll be pure damn hell for me in the latter stages so...Kami yo...*prays*

No Griezer (the Seikishi dumbass that I found Hissatsu 1 and pursuit attack goddamn awful) nor Layla Dol (hot chick that I haven't tried her out yet) vids sadly.

These are her starting Skills.
Gouma Reppa [降魔裂破 (ゴウマレッパ)]
Shouengeki [召炎撃 (ショウエンゲキ)]
Gate of Heaven [ゲートオブヘブン]

These are her Hissatsu Wazas
Hissatsu 1 (/\ Button) - Mashou Rengoku [魔招·煉獄 (マショウ·レンゴク)] (does pussy damage but knocks everyone back)
Hissatsu 2 (R1+/\ Button) - Makaishou: Gouen [魔界粧·轟炎 (マカイショウ·ゴウエン)] (does l337 damage but takes a while to fill it up)

If you want to fill up Hissatsu 1, spam combos liek madz while you need to use the pursuit attack (knock the enemy down, hold R1 then press [] and mash [] liek madz to kill it down) to fill Hissatsu 2 up.

Weird thing though, her starting HP is 2000 while in the JP version is at 1900 (100 difference so screw that) and Griezer's HP retains at 2000. Nevertheless, she has an arugably attack power of 200 but has a defense rate of 160, which would get brick her enough if not upgraded the gauntlet properly. Speed's so-so. One thing I don't get much is the weapon status, I mean, I maxed out Gate of Heaven one time and it says "Awakened" so WTH was that for.

And WTFH bitch, what's with the sword on your fricking back? Props? Decoration? Shitty display? Or you're too busy wielding nee-san's Gate of Heaven? >_>;

So here's Stage 1-1.

That'll be my rants for today!

edit: uploaded the vid a while ago around 12NN and finished processing around 1PM (wtf? XDD), 45MB and .wmv format ftw (not unlike the on YT that I uploaded, 71MB/.avi format! lol) ~konrei

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