Saturday, August 23, 2008

ToR Testing Video (again...)

Experimented something just for fun after those fucking webcams and shitty video cameras...

Tales of Rebirth 1st Run - Yuris Final (Sentou Hard)

What we used:
- DVD-RW Disc (the Re-writable ones)
- Any CD/DVD TV Recorder (as long as they can read + and - of the DVD-R/DVD-RWs)

and we did is practically simple but tedious fucking long:
- Record a gameplay then stop (mostly recommended on EP for YT lovers).
- Finalize it.
- Put the finalized DVD on the CD/DVD Drive.
- Send the VTS_0_1.vob (or something like that which prolly has the biggest file size...) on My Documents (my dumpster lol).
- Convert it to the most applicable and compact size using Video Converting application (AVI to WMV and I used Any Video Converter for this).
- Unfinalized the Disc and Format it (did this on the Recorder).
- Repeat when needed from start...
- ???

the setting was trial-and-error so we might not get the best quality of the recorded video but hey, it's worth! :D

till then, maidoari! *bang*

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