Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bakuen Kakusei Neverland Senki Zero Stage 1-3 and some comparisons...

Here's area 3 of Stage 1.

And the description from YT (copy-pasted):

Have you kept some bombs with you lately? Well, you may wish to keep the Bomb (S) and consider selling the others for some extra points for the upgrade.

In this Stage, there will be walls or obstacles (marked blue in the map but not shown in the video) blocking some path or area in the game so throwing it is vital and inside is, well, a powerful enemies that will knock you out cold completely. And these guys...don't get knocked down at all (WTF...). If you don't like fighting them and rushing for a Rank S, you may wish to, not a problem.

So I got the Netherworld Skill/Meikai Enbu [冥界演舞 (メイカイエンブ)] and here's the command:


This Skill juggles the enemy in the air, knocking 'em down instantly. There's also a chain combo after this Skill but I'll explain THAT Skill once I learned it. I found pretty nice though the start-up is kinda slow, you might want to stick mashing the X button or that.

And the guy at end...what his purpose on the game anyway? He just showed up for like 2 areas (Stage 1-3 and 1-4) and kaput, he's gone. Too bad he didn't last long. Trust me, I won't upgrade the Silver Ring for some reason until later... I seriously mean it. I will upgrade EVERYTHING EXCEPT the Silver Ring until at a later time.

And some comparisons: I noticed that both Griezer and Layla Dol have a starting Attack of 20 while Hiro's at 65 BUT it takes one or two areas to upgrade to max (Griezer and Layla: 70, Hiro: 95 with Awakened Status WTH) while the other, let's say before the end of Stage 1 or before Stage 2-1 starts, unless you sell off those useless items you have or overstocked with. I usually sell off most of the throwing items except the Bomb (S) while the recovery items, I sell off Protective Agent and Antidote.

Once I step my ass on Stage 2, I'll consider keeping some Antidotes. And say hello to Rank S until the end of the game...but say hello to hell at the next half of the game. It gets pretty annoying...

That'll be my rants for today!

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